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Oral Allergy Syndrome

I’ve recently started including raw vegetables in my diet, up from next to nothing in the past. I was surprised to find that consuming sizeable quantities of raw veggies is actually quite easy and not unenjoyable with each meal. I hate cooked vegetables, and also hate cooking them, so I was rather excited about my ‘discovery’.

Unfortunately, it seems, I am allergic to just about every vegetable worth eating raw. I have seasonal pollen allergies, and already have experienced reactions to raw apples, pears, peaches, nuts, and cherries. Now it seems carrots, tomatoes, and even spinach is off the list. Apparently this is caused by a condition called oral allergy syndrome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oral_allergy_syndrome

I was eating raw spinach all week with no problems, but apparently I have reached some sort of threshold, as my throat is itchy now. I’ve taken some Benadryl, and will no doubt be forced to nap shortly.

Thank god for Superfood.

Anyone else share my pain?

umm well I don’t but I have a theory concerning your problem. I’m thinking if you started eating raw fruits and veggies from nothing. That you never phased your body into it.

A good example is how tomatoes make me throw up. but a while back I started phasing myself into them. A few cherry tomatoes a day till after a few months I could eat tomatoes and not throw up. I don’t eat tomatoes anymore cause well I think they taste like shit.

if it is related to the pollen allergy and possibly cause by pollen on the fruit, would washing them very well help?

Wiki mentions that if you peel an apple it shouldn’t be a problem. so I figure washing the stuff thoroughly should help maybe?
(unless I miss understood the article or something else.)

I guess I’m the only one then. Lucky me.

I doubt my body could be acclimated slowly to tolerance, as it’s an actual histamine response, from what I understand.

And apparently it’s not caused by actual pollen on the fruit, but by the similarity of proteins in the fruit/vegetable itself that your body mistakes for the pollen.

As my seasonal allergies never seem to go away, I imagine I’ms tuck with this, as well.

At least next time someone tells to eat more vegetables, I can tell them I have an allergy.

For serial.