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Ora Plus for Liquid Adex/Asin

Does anyone see a problem with using ora plus to make my own liquid adex for ease of dosing? I’ve looked at liquidex but with an adex prescription I might as well use it for pharma-level consistency. The problem is dosing… cutting those little pills into 4 chunks results in very inconsistent piece size. And I’ve tried a bunch of different methods to cut them. Not to mention what if I need .15mg/48Hr instead of .25. That would require taking a .25mg chunk every 83 hours… which becomes a pain in the butt, as well as getting pretty far past the halflife of adex.

I’ve tried crushing and dissolving in vodka… LOTS of chunks settling… seems like it’d be difficult to get consistent dosing.

So… ora plus + arimidex? Any problems?

Same question if I eventually move to aromasin…

Thanks for any help.

Dissolve in vodka. There will be solids from the fillers. Shake and dose.