Options That Least Impact Hair Loss?

Of the options available which are regarding as kindest to the hairline?
Please assume cost isn’t an issue and all pharmagrade gear.

Key considerations are:

  1. Minimal Health Risk - No Tren, etc
  2. Good Lean Tissue Gains
  3. Not too much water retention - No Water buffalo

Primobolan and Anavar were the front runners but my research led to them being DHT compounds making them really bad for hairloss I believe. Any comment on these two and hairloss vs other options?

Interesting topic and I am curious of others opinions. It appears things like Var, Primo and Mast are not very androgenic on paper, but in practice users report them being pretty hard on the hairline.

With AAS there is no free lunch, but there are trade-offs which might be more favorable to some and not so much to others.

I am on week 3 of my first blast (lean bulk) at 500mg. I was planning on using Anavar for the end of the cycle but getting nervous about my hairline.

I was planning my second blast to be a cutting cycle using primo as I have been researching it heavily and it looks awesome except for the price and hairline. For me a higher price for steady lean dry gains and lower health risks made it an exciting option for me.

I have heard Primo and Mast are hard on the hairline. I didn’t seem to have any hair impact from the VAR, but I seem to have good genetics in that regard (my hairline is the same as when I was a teenager, and is quite thick at 32).

It does not stop me from worrying about it. I get this thought that maybe my hair is only good because I had low T/DHT, and now it is all going to fall out. No evidence of that yet, but again I worry.

For me personally, the testosterone based AAS (test, dbol, tbol, and EQ) seem the most appealing (from a benefit to risk standpoint). Additionally, they are generally the cheapest, easiest to get, dosed close to accurate, and less likely to be fake.

If I don’t lose hair with future T cycles, I may just bump the dose up.

I will say I don’t have much experience around this. I have only ever done Test and Var.

Peptides… Not recommending anyone take them… But you won’t lose hair

Some good suggestions here already. If you want to be safe run Test derivatives with Finasteride, and avoid DHT derivatives (Primo/Mast/Var/etc). The Fin will stop 70% of the test converting to DHT, DHT causes hair loss. An example would be something like 400mg test, 400mg EQ, 1mg finasteride/day. If you’re really worried run dutasteride instead, it’ll stop 99% of the test converting to DHT.

Safe as in you may be on the verge of suicide with no working penis but your hair will be on point.

I would never touch that stuff.

Dilemma: Hair like Elvis, all the chicks in the world and no working dick
No hair, no girls but it’s rock solid all day long

Your choice dexter?

The first one, trimix for the win (never tried it though)

I’m going with no hair, half the girls and rock solid all day long.

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The frequency of that happening is blown way out of proportion. Finasteride has been studied many times with sexual side effects reported in less than 1% of subjects. The largest most recent study was with over 3000 Japanese men, 0.7% of whom experienced adverse side effects. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of finasteride 1 mg in 3177 Japanese men with androgenetic alopecia - PubMed

If you’re one of those unlucky 0.7%, then stop using it. I’ve never heard of anyone using TRT experiencing post-Finasteride syndrome, since it is caused by hormone mismanagement (low test, high/low estrogen).

Regarding Finasteride and AAS: I don’t understand why so many people who are already willing to take the risk of running AAS which FOR SURE will do damage to their body, are suddenly so risk adverse when it comes to Finasteride which has been shown in many clinical studies to be safe for 99% of users. You have a much higher chance of sexual side effects from AAS use (deca dick for example, or crashing your E2 with improper estrogen management).

Sorry for the rant I’m just sick of people bashing a drug that is much safer than the majority of the drugs discussed on this forum.

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I do 200 mg test and 4-500 deca
Decent gains and not much hair loss at all

Deca probably safest for the hair

I’ve never had libido issues and been doing the above for 10-15 years

Thanks for sharing and your lucky Deca reacts well with you. Deca dick has me too scared to try it

This is very interesting. Are there any other dangerous sides with it?

If it does cause impotence I thought it was irreversible

I’m sure ED happens but it increases my libido a lot.
So many have used it without issues, my concern is that it may alter neurotransmitters and affect vascular endothelial etc
But so far, I still have hair lol

No actually 90% are able to return DHT levels to normal by stopping, as shown in this study. Subjects used 5mg of Finasteride for 6 months (which is way more than the recommended 1mg dose) and DHT levels returned to baseline within a month:

This is consistent with other studies that showed that persistent sexual dysfunction (I.e. after discontinuation) affects fewer than 1/1000 of users.

I am not a doctor or a scientist but in my opinion 100% of post-Finasteride syndrome cases are reversible by hormone manipulation, or TRT. There haven’t been studies on this per se, but this conclusion is from reading countless success stories and understanding the underlying cause of PFS and how one is able to manipulate hormones with TRT as a solution.

Curious if @unreal24278 or other users better at interpreting studies than I am agree with my conclusions.

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Yes, 1 mg for hair loss, 5 for benign prostate hyperplasia. Studies suggest that 0.04 mg can lower DHT as much as 1 mg. So 1 mg might even be too much. But could be that that is not the same in the target tissue.

Regarding the mechanisms of PFS I’ll link this:


Which is in short this picture from the study:

So there’s not only neurosteroid synthesis which is being altered, but also epigenetic changes are made, which could explain why the effects don’t subside with stopping of the therapy.

It’s relatively rare but the question is if ones willing to take the risk and for what gain. If you use it 1 year, the reward is not that high and you’ll probably experience some sides which will make you stop. But if you get PFS, you’re fucked.

I don’t know if cases are reversible but what I know is that in my country everything is so strictly regulated that doctors don’t try as much as in the US. So if there was a cure they for sure wouldn’t find it. I guess that’s the case for most European countries so the guys who have it must find their own way out or take antidepressants, which have sexual dysfunction as a side effect. That’s probably the reason why no one has a solution because the sample size is small and a lot of them are not being treated. I wouldn’t bet on it being 100% reversible though.

EQ does your key considerations, without much negative impact on the hairline.

Does it make sense when you consider dosages? EQ is generally thought to be a weaker anabolic than test. If I have to run twice as much is the androgenic impact really less? I have heard it is half as androgenic, and half as estrogenic, but I have also heard half as anabolic. Seems like a wash?

Not sure about the weaker anabolic than test thing. Never heard it being half as anabolic as test??? Couldn’t say for sure.
EQ doesn’t give you a lot of water weight, so it might give the impression its not as anabolic as other steroids as the scales don’t go up as much. It also takes a bit of time to see results, which is why you run it longer. The gains are lean, and seem long lasting after finishing a cycle.

EQ isn’t the sort of steroid you’d want to double up doses on. Many times seems like its not doing much for the first 6-8 weeks(sometimes I have gotten massive strength bursts after only 3 weeks on). If you double it you risk being hit by a brick wall when it does kick in,. High blood pressure and anxiety, which in turn will hang around for several weeks in your system, even if you reduce or stop your dose.

It also depends upon what your goals are. I found 200mg of test and 375mg of EQ to be an ideal cycle for me to achieve a Golden Age look. These days I would even just take a TRT dose of test 125mg/wk and 500mg of EQ. That’s less than what many people do for a first cycle.

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