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Options: Same Weight, or Cut/Bulk?


I want to gain 4.5 more lbs of muscle and lose 7 more lbs of fat. I would like to accomplish as much of this as possible in the next 6 weeks.

Not counting muscle or fat percentages, I would like to lose about 3 lbs total. Should I:

  1. Cut down by about 7 lbs first, then bulk up second; (weight training the entire time, of course)

  2. Cut down by just 3 lbs while still doing intense weight training, then maintain the weight, and try to shift body composition?

I would appreciate advice from people who have tried both methods before.


Not to come off the wrong way, but if you can accomplish this kind of metabolic micro management in six weeks, especially for a woman my hat will be way off to ya. I only say that because I see disappointment in your future if there was a sudden important event that spurred this decision.


6 weeks? Even on 'roidz, that sounds overly ambitious. 6 months sounds more appropriate.


I don't expect to get there is 6 weeks. As I said, I'd like to accomplish as much as possible in the next six weeks (even if that's just a start on it.)

In other words, which way is best to start - cut, then bulk, or maintain and change body composition.

The only reason I even mentioned the time frame is if both methods would work, but from someone's point of view, one would look better over the next six weeks compared to another.


If you post pictures we can get a better idea and make a better decision of where you are and what you should be looking to do.