Options for Morning Fasted Cardio

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
I have said in my earlier posts that in order to lose fat, I need to add a session of fasted cardio in the morning in addition to my evening lifting sessions. That’s just how my body works, I guess.
But going to the gym and back takes about 30 mins if I walk and 15 minutes by car including finding parking and everything.
I end up getting late for work. Please give me some options which can be done at home…
My usual morning cardio is 15 mins each on stationary bike, incline walk and elliptical total 45
I lift heavy in the evenings. And for 4 weeks I’m going very low calorie… Under 2k

10 minutes of mountain climbers, starting with 5 burpees and performing 5 burpees EMOM. Also, if you can order a kettlebell, no less than 40 lbs, KB swings are superb for conditioning.

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Walk halfway to the gym, turnaround and go home. That’s a 30-minute cardio session.

Seriously, what kind of equipment do you have at home? I like Flap’s KB swing suggestion, but I don’t jive with the idea of intense cardio in a fasted state. So I’d do it “semi-fasted” (which isn’t really a thing) by having BCAAs or some fast protein prior to training.

If you have a bike, treadmill, or staircase, the answer’s easy. Pop in your headphones and do some steady-state work. A jump rope could also work if you don’t get fancy with double-unders or anything too intense.

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I don’t know how anybody does it for any length of time when they’re NOT fasting. Running on anything more than coffee with milk makes me feel acid-reflux-y, which is not typically an issue for me. If I’m racing, which is rare, I’ll eat some cereal or a banana at home, but assume I’m back to a fasted state by the time I actually start running.

Anyway, my recommendation is a fasted morning run - three quarters of the way to the gym, then back. The Couch to 5K program is a good start for that. C25K

  1. 20 Minutes of Burpees

  2. Push Up, Chin-Up, KB Swing for 20 minutes

  3. Do 5 sprints

  4. You are in India. Which part? Go find an empty field and just RUN.

Each less than 20 minutes and will melt that fat right off!

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I think Chris makes a good point - just because Emily and I do it, doesn’t mean others can. I’m doing the 10K KB workout right now (3000 swings in) and I do it fasted, either in the morning or almost 8 hours after lunch in the evening. I like working out fasted and get reflux like Emily if I have stuff beforehand. But some people get seriously run-down, light-headed, sick, or nauseous if they don’t have anything. So I think starting with a half hour walk like Chris suggested, then progressing to Emily’s run, then to mine and @isdatnutty ‘s suggestions, and see how far you can progress. If you hit a wall or don’t feel well, you’ll know where your threshold for fasted training is.


I workout fasted 85% of the time. It takes some getting use to, but once you body adapts I don’t think it’s really an issue. But sometimes I will just go to the vending machine and get packet of gummy bears or even eat some Goldfish lol.

@fatboi - Just ease into it. Don’t try to go crazy week 1. Start with a basic 1 mile run fasted and do that for 2-3 weeks. Then you can start mixing it up. Won’t take long for your body to adjust.


Knowing you workout fasted with the numbers you put up makes me feel better about it, some people think I’m crazy without preworkout meals and intraworkout and preintraworkout and postpreintraextranutrigraincarbs.

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It’s mostly a timing issue (how long between the training and the eating/drinking) as well as the intensity of exercise. I have no problem peddling a bike for an hour on a totally empty stomach, but I couldn’t get through a barbell complex session like that even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes.

Likely ties in to insulin levels, metabolic demands, and other stuff. If you’ve forced your body to adapt by working off other fuel sources, like Nutty talked about (pretty sure Doubleduce also lifts on an empty stomach), then you’re working with different internal chemistry.

Ah, I’m speaking specifically of cardio. When I’ve been more serious about lifting (for a while it took over as primary with the running secondary) I’ve done that later in the day, so not fasted.

But morning fasted cardio? Yes.