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Options for an Oral Kickstart


Just kicking around ideas for my next cycle and was hoping to get some recommendations for an oral kickstart. Will most likely be running it with 5-600mg Test E/wk. Looking for strength and mass, and prefer to keep bloat in check. Running an AI for sure.

Dbol - Had some weird side effects at 30mg/day when I tried it, but really liked the results. High BP and felt spacey. Lower to 20mg and try again?
Anadrol - Never tried
Tbol - Seems like mixed reviews on this, most prefer something else, never tried
Winstrol/Anavar - Like them, but doesn't seem worth it unless cutting

What do you guys think?


if i was you i wouldnt go back to the dbol if it made you feel like that, it made you feel like that for a reason, so its obvious it doesn’t click with you since that dose is relatively low. i would go for anadrol and you could try 25mg a day and see how you feel if your fine try 50 a day. you also stated that you liked anavar so if you had great results like that and know it clicks well with you, you might as well go for that. if your feeling like experimenting with a new compound then go for the anadrol, if not keep it simple and use something you know works well with you. everyone can give you advice but only you know your body.


Man I’m on 50mg of dbol and it’s fucking god’s gift to the AAS world. Out of this world strength and pumps. Since you felt weird I don’t think you should try it again.

I’ve heard really good things about anavar though. Never tried it but know it gives awesome strength and pumps also.

I’d personally go with anavar or tbol.


I’d go anadrol. Not everybody likes it (just ask Yogi), but if you hate it, it’s just an oral. You can stop it anytime. It should be the most effective choice for your goals listed. Anavar would be fine as well.

Don’t go with d bol @ 20. You’ll probably still have the sides you experienced at 30, but less gains.


I can’t even say the word anadrol out loud without getting itchy nips, but a lot of people love it.

Just be aware that in my experience NOTHING combats the gyno so the minute those nips get itchy quit the shit immediately.

Anavar’s an awesome steroid, so if drol mistreats you then it could be a shout.


Everyone has different results with everything. I think that with the number of users here you can draw your own conclusion. They are giving you some really good examples

I’ll throw my experience in as well. DBol under 30/day is useless. I have tried up to 50/day and my body told me “no”. It felt like my kidney’s were trying to rip out of my body, that and insane lower back pumps while benching and squating! I now only run it as a kickstarter for the first 3-4 weeks of a test blast. Var, well I just didn’t feel it. The “bang for the buck” wasn’t there. Your body is telling you something with the DBol, so listen to it and experiment with other compounds. There is no standard answer. You gotta figure out what works for you.




Sounds like the Anadrol is a good option. I guess I don’t see a lot of people running it, but I know that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. 50mg dose for 4-6 weeks sound about right? Should I increase my AI during the kickstart?