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Optimum ZMA

Lonnie Lowery reported on Chris Mohr’s talk (“T-Men in Chi-Town”) about higher T-levels when using “large doses of ZMA”, but his article didn’t say what “large doses” meant. I’m taking 30 mg since I just turned 60 and I really notice a difference in workout intensity.

I assume you mean you’re getting 30mg of Zinc from ZMA. ZMA is a combination of Zinc and Magnesium (and possibly some B6).

I’m guessing your question was: if you took more would it be beneficial? I’d have to take a guess and say no. Looking at my ZMA, 30mg of Zinc is the suggested dose for men. Also, Zinc is not something of which you can never have enough. So I say don’t take any additional ZMA.

If you want a higher boost in T, give Tribex500 a whirl.

Good question Hu-man. I believe he is referring to the large dose of zinc that is found in ZMA versus the smaller quanities that you’d find in sources such as vitamins. Too much zinc can have a negative impact on you, so stick to taking a multi and your 3 caps of ZMA before bedtime and you’ll be right on track. Awesome to see someone at 60 still lifting and learning!