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Optimum Whey vs Surge


I am used to drinking a 16oz shake of milk n 2 scoops of Optimum 100% Whey Protein after a workout as well as anytime i can squeeze one in during the day. I am a skinny bastard so looking to get stronger as well as gain weight. These shakes have definately been helpful but now im starting to wonder if there are better protein powders out there for my specific goals? -Strength, Weight, Size.

I read a lot about Surge but noticed that when comparing the numbers in the ingredients, they are almost identical to Optimum Whey except for the fact that 1 serving of Surge is almost 3 times more as far as actual grams of powder (but the numbers of calories n proteins is the same). Any ideas?


Surge and optimum whey are different. Surge has sugars that improve the insulin response and are meant to be taken right after your workout, not at other times. Optimum whey is plain protein and is good anytime. I believe Biotest sells Grow! which is a similar pure whey.


FYI: You shouldn't be drinkin milk with your whey after a workout. Thats a slow digesting protein for the most part and your mixing it with a fast digesting protein. Just stick with whey in water.

If you're a skinny bastard, protein shakes aren't your main concern and won't be the deal breaker if you get big or not.


The optimum I have is meant for post workout mostly because it contains fast digesting whey, not Casein whey which WOULD be good any time other than post workout.

Plus(and I could be just using a diff whey than you guys are talking about), but my Optimum has BCAA's and glutamine in it, which is more beneficial after a workout than the Grow! Whey which is just plain whey, like you said. Not knocking Grow! or anything...it's good stuff.


yea the optimum i drink does have BCAAs and all that in it, the only reasons i mix it with milk is because i desperately need the calories. Is Surge mixed with milk or water? what do you guys think about drinking Surge after workout and Whey at any other times? If Surge cannot be mixed with milk maybe its best for me personally to stick to whey even post workout (it has BCAAS and glutamine for post workout) simply because i can mix it with milk for the extra calories?


If you need a few extra calories that bad you need to look at your overall nutritional plan.
Or you can just double dose Surge. 1 serving during workout, 1 serving post 640 calories right there


All whey protein contains BCAA and glutamine. You've simply fallen for a marketing tactic.

I have more trust in Biotest products after some of the lab reports I've seen on other proteins, but even if I didn't I'd probably still buy Biotest to support this site.


I think you're confused on proteins as whey and casein are two different things. There is no such thing as casein whey.

Plus, there are different types of whey. Surge has whey hydrolyslate, which is the form for use per-workout.


Mix only with water.


No...no confusion, just some grammer issues.


Didn't know that about the BCAA's. Cuz I remember seeing on the Surge bottle(or an old one) the amount of BCAA's inside, but I never saw an amount in the Grow! bottle, so I assumed that was something additionally put in the stuff. Thanks, for the info.


(If total calories and protein are the same, as stated in the post, then carbs must be the same.)

E.g., 2 scoops of Surge is 92 g total, of which 53 g is carbohydrate and 31 g is protein.

Another product cannot put about 53 g of carbs and 31 g of protein into only 1/3 of 92 g, or in other words into only about 31 grams.

The actuality I expect is that it was a mistaken statement that the other product has the same calories with 1/3 the grams of product.

The other product comprises only whey protein, I believe. That is not the case with Surge. The products are intended to serve different purposes. Actually rather than asking what is the difference, the question would be what ingredients are in common? Other than perhaps something like flavoring, the answer would be nothing.


why can't whey protein be mixed with milk post work out (or any other time for that matter) for the extra calories? i think it even says on the bottle mix with water or milk


It can.

I mix my protein with water after a workout because I fill my cup up with water from the sink in the gym.

If I want a whey shake when I'm home I use milk because it mixes and tastes better.

This really isn't that complicated.

Surge is definitely different than plain whey as far as post workout nutrition goes though. It has much more carbs than ON whey isolate does.


exactly, so im wondering if either of these are better tuned towards a skinny bastard with high metabolism who wants to get strong/gain weight? all ive drank is ON whey and its always worked (but maybe Surge can work better?), im just wondering if chemically Surge could be more effective or in my case the differences do not matter?


Sounds like you should read the following articles to better understand post-workout nutrition.




And for this reason, along with your "don't mix proteins" you should not be giving advice.


Leave the milk out. Either use optimum with dextrose or maltodextrin or both.
Surge cannot be beat, it uses Hydrolysed whey for faster absorbsion. Double Surge + BCAA + creatine is awesome to behold.


ONwhey on it's own PWO is really poor. You need fast acting carbs PWO. It is likey you are making gains on it because you just started weight training (correct me if I'm wrong) and everyone makes good gains when starting even with just plain water. Surge will undoubtedly work better, absolutley make the switch.


Make sure your buying/eating enough actual food(meat) before you worry about what type of protein supplement you buy or else you are just wasting your money.