Optimum, Where are weeks 19 to 24?

The Optimum Anabolics 24 week program is missing the last 6 weeks.

If you have not read / done the program you wil not understand a single thing I say.

Has any one really studied the program?
The logic sounds sane but after reading the 2 ebooks, The Program and The Workout, I still cant figure out the cycle.

What I mean by cycle is simple if what he says is true then there has to be a cycle where after x amount of time you start over from the beginning.

Both books have the same 24-Week Sample Hyper-Adaptive Cycle overview BUT when you look at the workout book, where the actual day by day workout schedule is he stops at week 18. No matter how you look at it, his miracle cycle never starts and never ends.

No where in the books does he go through all the cycle.

What I did notice is that the 18 week workout is the same as the first 18 weeks of the 24 week sample cycle.

Lets say the 24 week sample cycle is the real deal then the last 6 weeks are missing.
and lets say we find the last 6 weeks you still don’t have a complete cycle.

Has any one observed this and is there a simple explanation or solution?

Does any body know what the workout cycle is.

Please don’t post irrelevant comments.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I think this nerd just tried to rip off Marcus R. Jones, MD.

When I was reading Muscle Nerds explanation of the cycle my notes added up to a 3 phase cycle.

Reading Marcus R. Jones, MD article on Protein Cycling
told me that his cycle is also a 3 phase cycle.

Now my new quest is finding the workout schedule that fits Jones Protein Cycling.

I know that in the starvation phase you up the reps by 50%

What about the other phases?