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Optimum vs Labrada-V60 Protein?

A site I commonly buy a lot of supplements from (I wont name it here) seems to really support Labrada. I normally trust their judgment, but I have to question it here.

I’ve only tried their protein, and the taste requires a lot of subduing. It’s nowhere near as palatable as optimum. It’s a bit more expensive too compared to ON.

So. I’m curious if Optimum or Labrada-V60 is really any better or worse than the other? The ingredients list wouldn’t seem to suggest so, but maybe somebody else here can confirm/clarify?

this is the Pro V60 list of ingredients (protein only):

micro ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate, agglomerated egg albumin, calcium caseinate, micro ultrafiltered whey protein isolate, ion exchange whey protein isolate

this is a poor man’s low carb Metabolic Drive with very little casein (the cheap one to boot).

if you want to be cheap about your casein/whey mix, a better way would be to get fat free (0.5 or 1%) dry curd cottage cheese and use that as your casein source along with the optimum whey.