Optimum Nutrition Casein?

Hello everyone. Forgive me if this has been posted. I haven’t been here in a year or two and I can’t seem to find a search function for the forums other than searching google in the top right.


Has anyone tested or does anyone use the Optimum Nutrition Casein?
Good product or waste of cash?

The casein is slow released protein. I’m looking to take something like this before bed so that protein gets released into my system over the course of the night while I’m sleeping.

Of course, this can also be achieved with cottage cheese but sometimes I just can’t handle the taste. Especially if it’s something that I need/want to do every night.


ive tried it in vanilla flavour. its really good. i had it with water and it tasted like ground up vanilla wafers. with milk/almond milk/coconut milk im sure it would taste even better.

I received a free tub of the chocolate peanut butter. It was good, but really really THICK.

I just ended up going back to using Metabolic Drive with a scoop of natural peanut butter.

Just have a protein shake with a good serving of healthy fat… Same effect as casein.

Big fan of the stuff. Also, note the above comment about thickness, it can be like drinking cement if it isn’t mixed enough.
You could always eat it like a pudding(works really well).

Awesome, thanks for the responses!

I used to have ON casein, I didn’t really like it, I always felt bloated. I switched to ON pro complex and mixed it with mix and a few tablespoons of peanut butter in a 32oz shaker.

I used it religiously for a few years, and then stopped(forget why I stopped). When I stopped, I suddenly started sleeping a lot better than I had been(correlation? causality? dunno)

As was said above, flavor wasn’t bad, but use plenty of water and drink it IMMEDIATELY after mixing, or you will need a spoon. That stuff gels quickly if you let it.

And hy the way, the google search at the top right only searches this site, it is just powered by Lougle.

On a random side note, I had to wake up and pee EVERY single night whenever I drank it before bed. I usually just drink milk before bed and this never happens.

The Chocolate Cake Batter flavor tastes like a fantastic late night treat. Vanilla and regualr Chocolate is good also. The thickness means its the real deal, just add more water to suit your texture preference.

I like ON casein but stopped since it has added fillers.

I like the casein from Musclefeasf (no, I don’t sell it). Check it out