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Optimum Mass/Cutting Cycles?


I have large quantities of Primo, Mast, Test E, Winny, EQ, Deca and Tren, all injectible. What would be the best mass cycle and what would be the best cutting cycle? Thanks


I'm having trouble affording a cycle's worth of Test after paying tuition, and you have "large quantities" of all of those?


Give some stats regarding your height/weight, experience, diet, activity level, age, etc.


Mass - Test, Deca, (Masteron if Drostanolone Enanthate was available)

Cutting - Test, Tren, Mast

Basically Test as your base with Masteron (drostanolone) with a matched ester to your goal oriented aas (deca for mass, Tren for Cuts) of course this is subjective and anyone of them will fit either goal as your diet and training will have the most impact on whether it's a mass or cut cycle. I'd add the Primo to your cutter or lean mass cycle and give away your Winstrol and EQ - just a personal prejudice against very harsh compounds (Winstrol) and moderately effective/overrated compounds (eq)

Doses would depend on your experience, stats, etc.
(but in general 2ml of each/week)
Length would depend on your goals as well as the above.
(but in general something around 10 weeks - 2 vials at 2ml/week)


Personally I love the test e and deca for mass but I might even add the eq, equipoise increases your appetite so although many use it for a "cutting" cycle it can be pretty useful if you are trying to bulk. I know that it makes me want to eat all fucking day