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Optimizing Training and Recovery in a Stressful Period

Hi coach, loving the new video formats and your recommendations! I have some questions about the strategies you mention as current life events have made me thinking about optimizing recovery:
• work hours went from 30 to 60-70
• commutes from 100 min to 500
• no days off to sleep more nor time to nap

As such I had some questions (doing Jacked 31):

  1. would glycine be beneficial to lower cortisol? Any more sups? (I only take creatine and D vitamin)

  2. you said no carbs pre or intra is more beneficial to strength and power training. I train on the evening so should I have only carbs with my last meal?

  3. some days I have 2 or even 3 sports sessions. Naturally I did ate carbs at all my 4 meals these days, does it make sense?