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Optimizing NCT Sessions

Hi Christian,

  1. Should NCT exercises ideally be different from the exercises in the main training sessions? Is it more refreshing for the CNS if the movement patterns are different?

  2. Or since NCT is part of the peaking strategy for a 1B (according to the video on your website) does it make sense to do the same movements NCT style before training them in the main session?

To use a simple example, if your program requires you to bench, then should you always be doing an explosive NCT bench before the bench day? Or if you have a speed day for sprints, should you do NCT sprints the morning or night before?

  1. Similarly, for NCT to help sports performance is the goal to pick movements that mimic whatever sport you’re playing?

I posted something like this in a thread a few weeks ago but that thread died. Thank you.