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Optimizing Diet/Thermodynamics with More Carbs, Less Protein?

Hi Dr. Darden - Re-reading your most recent book (Killing Fat) and something that I wanted to ask about is the emphasis on carbs. I’m wondering if 60% is good, would 70% (as an example) be better? I remember your early books (eg The Nautilus Diet) focused on this along with Haas’ Eat to Win back in the day and more recently Dr. Valter Longo’s Longevity Diet*? (*And the latter shows the relation between decreased lifespan and high fat/high protein diets.)

To go with this, if healthy carbs (eg grains, vegetables, etc.) which your books recommend also provide protein, would less “protein”/more oatmeal (as an example) address this as well.

Thanks for any insight!

I think you are on the right track.

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Thanks and apologies for the typos…multi-tasking was never my strong suit.