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Optimizing Deadlift Performance

Hello sir powerlifters

I am just curious of one thing. I wonder how many of you iron freak do deadlift once a week or more(ouch). I personnaly use It once a week and at 181, my best is around 550 and I trained It hard for only 12 weeks. I conclude that my “way” (read Ian King way) is not out off the corner. I also understand others and why they don’t use the deadlift on a regular basis.

I recall Dave Tate once said that there are people just born to deadlift (read long arms) and that the deadlift will have less bad effect on those people.

Westside is a powerfull way, my only concern with there method is that It may lead to long term imbalance(but with fucking huge progress). The way I view this I conterbalance every exercices by an oposite one for example bench press and bent-over row, If I have an individual who is already balanced then I apply the same volume, try to put the same intensity and vary the priority in the week.

But the first time I see Westside I saw that results they have may be more because of max effort day than dynamic work. Metal militia method work extremely well and are not soo far from the Ian King methods. Compensatory acceleration used on both heavy and light weigth, since heavy weigth is what is absolutly necessary to gain strength, then why do the former light stuff if metal militia had better results, even If I have a HUGE respect for people like George Halbert and his awesome performance, is there a better way?

I am open minded and I would like to know your view and you reactions based on what you had read on my message.

               Thanks in advance

keep fighting

i think heavy deadlifting every week is too much. every other week is about the most my body can handle it, and even then my volume is low.

Militia style works so well because it is 100% about technique with a shirt.From the way you set up to the way you move the bar. They have raised the bar when it comes to benching in a shirt.

Joe’s is right. Heavy deadlifts every week take their toll on a individual. While deadlifting weekly will work for a novice, it’s not the best method as one progresses.

The lower back is easily overtrained. At some point one needs to execute deadlifts on a more INfrequent basis. Perhaps deadlifting once every 10-14 days.

I found doing no deadlifts increased my deadlift. ]

Kenny Croxdale

I find rotating speed deads with occasional work-ups with sumo or wide dl’s for 3 to 5 reps works really well for me…

Check this artical out:
Good luck

Your deadlift frequency will depend a lot on your squat frequency and the style in which you squat. I have always found that the most I should ever deadlift was about every 10-14 days-this is when I was squatting heavy as well. What I did ( in my competition days) was twice each year, to focus on the deadlift almost exclusively-using something like the finish deadlift routine or something similar-this would last 6-8 weeks. During this time, I might be deadlifting and doing DL adjunct movements 2-3 times per week, but again for only 6-8 weeks, then back to normal routine of deadlifting 2-3 times a month. These two time frames gave my knees and shoulders a break and also built a tremendous strength and development foundation for the rest of the year. I can give you more details if you like


I have to agree with most so far that every 10-14 days is my frequency. I find the deadlift to be much more taxing on the body then the squat. maybe it’s cause i deadlift more then i squat, or maybe cause you need to grip the weight in your hands. My elbow joints can’t handle a higher frequency. laters pk