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Optimizing Cybex Classic Pullover Machine?

Recently acquired a Cybex classic pullover. I know it’s not your favorite, but any pointers on how to optimize it?

Set the seat as low as possible for a greater stretch? Keep and arch in your back? Pull all the way down to waist?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Cybex Classic, isn’t that like Green Day being classic rock? All joking aside I wouldn’t stretch back too far. Make a strong contraction when you get the bar to your belly. Go slow and steady. Try and feel it in your lats .

I don’t know what a Cyber Classic is but I’m wondering if it’s the one my gym got rid of when they remodeled. It was pretty small, and allowed you to change the range of motion. If that’s the one you got, I loved it. I liked that the stack was right there and you could easily change weight for breakdowns, etc.

I agree the contraction in this is a lot more important than an extreme stretch. If this is the first time using a pullover machine it might take you awhile to get used to and feel to it in your lats.