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Optimized Volume Training


Bringing it back,

Been lifting consistently for the last 6 years. I just finished my last year of university football in November, and since have cut weight from 240 lbs to 205 through proper nutrition and lifting. Numbers are still good (considering the weight drop) but I feel the need to regain some of my lost frame (without the fat). I decided to revisit one of my favorites programs that I performed a couple of years ago while incorporating explosiveness (the perfect rep).

Stats @ 240 lbs
b.f 19%
waist 36
Bench: 365 lbs
Squat: 405 lbs
Deadlift: 545 lbs

Now @205
Bench:325 lbs
Squat:365 lbs
Deadlift:515 lbs

Day 1:
A1. Bench Press x5 (235,245,255,265,275) 2-0-1
A2. Flat DB Flies x5 (15,25,35,35,35) 6-0-1
B1. Incline Bench Press x5 (195,175,185,175,185) 2-0-1
B2. Incline DB Flies x5 (30,30,30,30,30) 6-0-1
C1. Lat Pull-Down x5 (180,195,210,225,235) 2-0-1
C2. DB Rows x5 (50,70,90,90,90) 6-0-1
D1. Bent Over BB Row x5 (185,205,185,205,215) 2-0-1
D2. Seated Cable Row x5 (225,225,225,225,225) 6-0-1


Day 2:
A1. Front Squat x5 (185,205,215,225,235) 2-0-1
A2. BB Lunge x5 (95,95,95,95,95) 6-0-1
B1. 1-Leg Back Extensions x5 (BW) 2-0-1
B2. Leg Curls x5 (90,105,120,120,105) 6-0-1
C1. Sumo DL x5 (225,295,315,335,365) 2-0-1
C2. DB Romanian DL w/ Jump (35,35,35,35,35) 6-0-1


That looks way killer. If I can ask, what is Ovt and what is your nutrition like


OVT was a program released a couple years back by Thibeadeau in attempt to yield similar hypertrophy gains while eliminating boredom, and strength losses associated with German Volume Training. Each superset consists of a strength set (2-0-1 tempo) and a hypertrophy focused set (6-0-1 tempo). After two days, I can honestly say I haven't been this sore in a very long time. Chest is aching today (Wednesday) from Monday's lift.
I consider my nutrition basic, yet effective. I avoid CHO's for breakfast and minimize them on all non-lifting days. I will eat a CHO based supper an hour before my lift (rice or sweet potato). Lunches will be some sort of salad variation; however I have already reached my targeted weight goal so I don't mind eating a couple of extra CHO's by substituting with a sandwich sometimes. Favorite snack is guacamole (made with garlic and tomatoes). I make sure to ingest something every hour and a half, whether it be one of these meals/snacks or simply a protein shake. Supplement intake is 1g of fish oil p/d, 2000 IU vitamin D p/d, and BCAA with a sugar based beverage a half hour before any sort of aerobic exercise (usually raquetball, or HIIT running). Hope this helps. Fire away with any other questions.


Day 3:

A1.Push Press x5 (165,175,185,195,205) 2-0-1
A2.1 arm DB incline lat raise x5 (15,15,15,15,15) 6-0-1
B1. Standing Alternating DB neutral grip press x5(40,50,55,55,50) 2-0-1
B2. Cable front raise x5 (30,30,30,20,15) 6-0-1
C1. Seated Rope pull to neck x5 (150,165,180,195,210) 2-0-1
C2. Bent over reverse DB flies x5 (15,15,15,15,15) 6-0-1


Day 4:

A1. Barbell Curls x5 (75,85,95,105,115) 2-0-1
A2. DB Curls x5 (20,20,25,25,25) 6-0-1
B1. EZ preacher curls x5 (45,65,75,85,95) 2-0-1
B2. Hammer curls x5 (30,30,25,25,25) 6-0-1
C1. Chain weighted dips x5 (17,31,48,62,79) 2-0-1
C2. Decline DB tricep extension x5(20,20,20,20,20) 6-0-1
D1. Skull crusher x5 (55,65,75,85,85) 2-0-1
D2. Cable tricep pressdown x5 (105,135,150,150,150)


Week 2: Day 1

A1. Bench Press x5(245,255,265,275,285) 2-0-1
A2. Flat DB Flies x5(30,30,30,30,30) 6-0-1
B1. Incline BB Bench x5(155,165,175,185,185) 2-0-1
B2. Incline DB Flies x5(25,25,25,25,25) 6-0-1
C1. Weighted DB Dips x5(20,30,40,50,50) 2-0-1
C2. Decline DB extension x5(25,25,25,25,25) 6-0-1
D1. EZ Skull Crusher x5(65,75,85,95,95) 2-0-1
D2. Rope pull-down x5(60,60,60,60,60) 6-0-1

Note: Making a few adjustments from week 1. Don't know why, but for the life of me I think it's ridiculous and impossible to be motivated for an arms only workout so I'm splitting the arms with a major muscle group (i.e. triceps with this chest volume day).

Numbers weren't great for chest today due to this new split; since triceps were still not fully recovered from Saturday's lift. Need to find a a supplemental exercise to replace flies with next week as well.


Took the day off to do some power clean work for the first time in a long while. Recorded the lift for the first time. Any feedback or positive criticism is welcome:



Here's another with a bit more weight. I feel form is what will limit me with this exercise



A1. Lat Pull-Down x5 (180,195,210,225,240)2-0-1
A2. DB Rows x5 (60,60,60,60,60)6-0-1
B1. Bent over BB rows x5(185,205,215,225,235)2-0-1
B2. 1 arm standing cable rows x5 (60,60,60,60,60) 6-0-1


A1. Push Press x5 (165,185,205,215,225) 2-0-1
A2. Lateral Raises x5 (20,15,15,15,15) 6-0-1
B1. DB Shoulder Press x5 (50,60,65,65,60) 2-0-1
B2. Deltoid complex x5 (17 lbs chain/hand) 6 sec TUT
C1. EZ bar Curls x5 (65,75,85,95,105) 2-0-1
C2. Incline DB Hammer Curls x5 (15,20,20,20,20) 6-0-1



A1. Front foot elevated DB Bulgarian split squats x5 (50,60,70,80,85) 2-0-1
A2. Leg Extensions x5 (150,150,150,150,150) 6-0-1
B1. Natural glute ham raises x5 (BW) 2-0-1
B2. Leg Curls x5 (85,85,75,75,75)

Cardio Circuit:
A1. Chain Squats x10
A2. Reaction Jumps x5 (on vertimax)
A3. Squat Jumps x5 (on vertimax)

*Circuit repeated 3 times with 1 minute rest in between


A1. Bent Over BB Rows x5 (185,205,225,254,255) 2-0-1
A2. 1 arm Standing cable rows x5 (60,60,60,60,60) 6-0-1
B1. Narrow neutral grip Lat pull-down x5 (180,210,225,240,255) 2-0-1
B2. Bent over BB Rows x5 (115,115,115,115,115) 6-0-1
C1. Hammer curls x5 (30,35,40,45,50) 2-0-1
C2. BB curls x5 (25,25,25,25,25) 6-0-1

*Rotator cuff issues, had to swap the schedule; will hopefully get the chest workout in later this week.


A1. Natural Glute-Ham Raises x5(Body Weight)
A2. Leg Curls x5 (75,75,75,75,75) 6-0-1
B1. Pistol Squats x5 (Holding 25lbs plate) 2-0-1
B2. Leg Extensions x5 (150,150,150,150,150) 6-0-1
C. Adductions x15 (120,120,120) 2-0-1


I have switched my optimized volume training to general volume training this week (10-12 reps). I am performing the get shredded in 6 diet as I am going south next week; therefore I am in need of a glycogen depleting workout.