Optimize "Normal" T Levels?

New Member here, Happy to be here listen and learn.
I am a 45 year old male. Active Firefighter, muscle training (Bro Split) 5 x week with no heavy cardio. 225ib at 5’10", 25% BF. Solid Mass besides my gut and ass. No health problems. I do drink liquor more than I should. I feel tired regularly, sleep avg about 6-7 hrs. Stress levels moderate to high. Married with teen step kids :neutral_face: .

Will a physician optimize a “normal” level, or send me down the road. I have recent blood work which will include. I have went for TRT in the past with no help as I was “normal”. Also what are side effects if any of optimizing a already natural “normal” level. Info and suggestions appreciated.
Test is a “HRT Male Pre Pellet”
TSH = 3.60
Free T3 = 3.4
Free T4 (direct)= 1.23
Free T (direct) = 7.7
Total T = 735
Estradiol = 24.6

All other blood levels were normal on this complete panel.

It looks like your SHBG is on the high side. I’d try lowering that and freeing some TT up

Edit: working backwards, it’s about 90nmol, which is really high. Are you on keto or any low carb style diet?

No Keto or low carb. A little research claim alcohol consumption elevates those levels. We all know the drinking messes up T. I guess that’s the starting point before any T optimization with my natural levels. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah there’s plenty of debate about how much you’d really get out of TRT at say 800-1000ng if your natty TT is already 734ng, as far as the gym is concerned might see a small bump.

No matter what you do lifestyle changes will always have to happen along with it anyway. IMO TRT isn’t for you at this point

Edit: forgot to mention, boron 9mg daily would lower your SHBG and free some T up

Do you have problem with sex area ?

First step is to get a sleep study done. You may need a cpap. Second step is to get your drinking in order and third is to drop the gut. Any or all of these things can make a huge difference in well being. Nobody can put th effort in for you and TRT is not a miracle in a bottle.

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What type of alcohol and how much? SHBG is created in the liver so it will be increased by Resveratrol, which is in red wine. My SHBG has dropped into the teens and Im drinking two glasses of red wine, nightly, to improve that marker, my next blood test will reveal if it works or not. Figure out the non TRT stuff first.

No problems with the hammer. Boron it is. thank You-

I dont get quality sleep. Im up pissin a few times a night and I do snore, so Im told.

Vodka mainly. Thank you for the response. Red wine it is!

Well what Im saying is that Red wine will raise SHBG, which is the opposite of what you want. So its just best to slow down on the drinking. If my experiment doesnt pan out, then I can go back to 1 glass during dinner.