Optimising Diet to Increase T-Levels

Are there tools to optimise i.e. apps etc to optimise levels of zinc , magnesium, phosphorus in the diet.
I use a handful of almonds per day and vitamin d3 capsules presently. I was eating steak daily but it is a bit expensive.
How do I calculate the amounts I need ? Or could anyone guide to some good reading material?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A few days ago, your goal was fat loss, and a substantial amount of it. Have you pivoted on your goals here, and now the goal is to increase t-levels via diet?

Because as someone that has absurdly low test, you don’t need to increase it to lose fat.

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I have both goals unfortunately. I would still like to get it higher to improve my recovery and overall health. I can still increase it and lose weight hopefully.

I feel like simply making better nutritional choices in general will do this irrespective of the impact it has on your testosterone. You’ve struggled with recovery for a while. The answer has been more GPP. You went with max singles and power twisters instead.

The goal is to keep the goal the goal.

I would live by these


Thanks Punisher.
I am going to add a strongman type day with carries on the weekend.
I am not doing max singles anymore. I did one rep on the concentration curl but no singles otherwise. The Powertwister is for one set of 10 every 3 to 4 days.

I do quite enjoy kettlebells but my technique is not great. I can improve though. I like doing sled /. prowler.

I will take a look.at the links.

Should do some of these instead of my main workout or in addition as finishers. My shoulder flexibility does not allow back squats but I can improvise.
How about hitting a punchbag? I cannot box but I can punch without hurting myself.

My braindead rule for cardio conditioning is to get more winded than I want to be for longer than I want to go. You can certainly accomplish this on a bag; you could also not accomplish this on a bag. It’s more in the execution than the method.

I do think you have to accumulate volume. What I mean by that is it’s not enough to do one 3-minute round and that be your day, even though it hit the rule above. 20-30 daily minutes seems to be a good minimum target, assuming they’re all hard minutes. That could be a single 5k or it could be half a dozen 5-minute blocks of burpees.


The issue I find with the bag is big guys will just whallop it with a few power shots for a few rounds and call it a workout.

You wanna hit a bag, get one of Bas Rutten’s workout DVDs and follow that. But really, you have more than enough tools and toys to do some sort of training as it stands. As @TrainForPain has pointed out, the “trick” is that it’s going to suck.


Thank you for compiling these articles. Very helpful.

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Absolutely dude! There are SO many good articles here. T-nation has been such a fantastic gathering spot of great minds, and so often, when I think I’ve come up with something brilliant, I’ll find out John Berardi already wrote about it in 2004, or Dave Tate did in 08.


No kidding. It’s a complete library for this game and it has exposed to a lot of minds I never would have heard of.


Agreed. I remember when they had the random article button and I would just keep clicking and reading for a couple hours.

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I like the library concept. Making 4-6 articles available in one click like @T3hPwnisher did for a variety of topics would be fantastic.

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FWIW, being fat increases estrogen levels and decreases testosterone. You want to lose fat and boost test? great! Just lose some fat, and you’ll probably get the other goal in the process.