Optimised Volume Training Template Changes

Hi Christian,

A New Year just arrived and I am planning to start new program. I will give a shot to your Optimised Volume Training protocol.

Last year I lost a lot of weight (40 pounds) with low carb diet (for good or bad I made it). In my new plan, I will use Carb Cycling Diet Protocol. Therefore, I want to place my high carb days on heavy days. Unfortunately, according to your OVT Program template, the heaviest days are very close to each other. I want to place the high carb days when I am training Chest&Back and Legs&Abs.

Can I swap the Deltoids day and Legs&Abs day? Does this change the OVT principles in the wrong direction?


Dude, I wrote that article something like 15 years ago. It is extremely far from my update beliefs. As such I do not wish to discuss it.