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Optimised Nutrient Timing

I have been playing with nutrient timing around workouts, obviously getting good amounts of carbs/protein pre and post (never really during), so I pose a question to you.

If you had, say, 1000-1200 calories available to take at any time around your workout, how would you disperse it, given that training is first thing in the morning.

My current split is as such:

Pre (blended)
15.5 g fat (brazil nuts)
28g carb (oats)
53.5g protein (whey)

Cals: 465

Peri: water

Post (immediately after, within about 10 mintues)

1 L chocolate milk:
13g Fat
108g Carb (100% sugar)
43g Protein
Cals: 750

How does this look? I know ideally shouldn’t be having fats PWO, but due to cost/efficiency, bringing a L of choc milk to down after a workout is simple and cheap. I don’t really take anything peri-workout.

Summary: Should I split the cals into pre/peri/post, or how I should I split them for best result? Thanks!

Overthinking this one maybe?
Me? I’d split pre and post simply because I like working out feed and I get hungry again when I’m done in the gym.

Technically your body takes a long time to break down food anyway. YES, even whey! Not as slow as whole food but still.

Basically there really isn’t a well-defined magic window like some might infer, just get your workout nutrition in when you can as your lifestyle allows.

Also 13g of fat is pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. 50g of fructose in the Chocolate milk though (from sucrose) worries me more TBH.

I agree, better quality glucose could come from dried fruits, just put them in a little water to soak them before bed time. Easy to bring, in let say, an old peanut buter plastic container.

I don’t think it’s overthinking per se, it’s a good general question. I much prefer taking carbs pre and during to after–you want them in the blood already when you begin working out, especially since it is first thing in the morning and you’ve had zero food all night. Immediately after workout catecholamines are elevated which might blunt response to carbs. I do not like taking in that ratio personally, i prefer roughly a 2:1 carbs: protein, sometimes more.

How i would personally do it is:

Pre-- ~20-45 minutes before workout (depends on you personally, experiment)

20g protein, 30-60g carbs (again play with it)


20-30g protein, 45-60g carbs, again depends on difficulty and duration of training, especially volume pf workout and rest periods.

Post-- ~30-60 minutes depending on hunger

30g protein

I am not a particular fan of fats around the workout even though 13g is pretty trivial, and even though John Meadows and others like it. Just me personally and pre workout preference, althouhh first morning may or may not change my mind.

just read some of the Anaconda/live spill thread thers a billion posts about this