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Optimal Whole Food/Whey WO Nutrition?


I'm trying to pack on some muscle at the moment, eating only clean, and supplementing with a WPC and fish oils.

My question is what would hte perfect pre/post w/o nutrition be using only whole foods and a WPC supplement?

Please discuss, iv'e raed a few articles lately about when carbs should be taken and how much htat have really challenged what i have previously 'known'.



Eat a nice carb filled meal before you lift, an hour and a half before will be good. Drink your protein shake right before you lift. Drink a protein shake directly after you lift then eat an hour later. The more protein right before and right after the better.


Is there no way for you to get a cheap simple-carb source for immediately pre-workout?

Maltodextrin can be had for <$16/5 pound.


Ever try reading some articles?


Mate iv'e read about a thosand over the last 3-4 years, but there are conflicting veiw's as to carbs pre or post workout? have protein shake directly after or wait 30 minutes? etc. Read a few of the articles on this website and you'll see what i mean.

This thread is for people to post what they feel is optimal.

Currently ive been eating a meal within 2 hours before of tuna/chicken and vegies and directly before having a shake and 2 apples. 30 minutes after a peice of fruit and shake then an hour later tuna/steak and greens. I train at 5pm each day. I was previously having 2 slives of bread with post workout meal, but i think it was putting on too much fat too quick, so seeing how it goes without.