Optimal Training Split for Type 2B

Hey CT, you mentioned in another thread that “I believe that for maximal growth you need to hit each muscle at least twice per week.” But I read one of your posts in another thread that the best split for a 2B was a 5 way training spit (Chest/Biceps, Quads, Back/Triceps, Shoulders, and posterior chain) training 5 days per week. I am a 2B myself and am a little confused. Can you please clarify the optimal split for a type 2B?

If someone can only train 4 days a week I would normally add a quad exercise on shoulder day and a hams exercise on back day.

Everything gets hit directly or indirectly twice a week with proper exercise selection

Triceps are actually hit 3x (with chest and delts work as a synergist in pressing movements and on nack/triceps day)

Biceps are hit twice (chest/biceps and as a synergist on pulling movements)

Shoulders are hit twice (delts day and as a synergist on chest exercises)

Back is work twice or even three times (back day, shoulder day… rear delts exercise work the rear delts and rhomboids and on posterior chain day since you should do deadlifts)

The only muscle receiveing less stimulation is the chest, although the upper chest does work on overhead pressing exercises (and I also often use high incline press for delts) and is a synergist on properly done pull-ups… you can add pullover on back day which also works the chest.


Thank you very much coach.

Coach, for a type 2A, what i understand is that we are doing 1 week of more BB work, then the next 2 weeks squat,bench,dl,OH press without any BB work ? only activation + strenght ?

not at all… where do you get that?

You have two ways of doing things.

Either… combine neural and muscular on each session (but the neural can vary between heavy and explosive).

OR (my favorite option)…

Block 1 (3 week) Train like a 2B (typical bodybuilding training with one basic lift an then bodybuilding work)
Block 2 (3 weeks) Train like a 1A (mostly heavy work on big basic lifts, 3 compound movements + 1-2 isolation per session)
Block 3 (3 weeks) Train like a 1B (Explosive and heavy work with some hypertrophy work thrown in)

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Which neuro type fits with the Best Damn plan?

Why do you guys keep adding questions not totally related to a thread instead of starting a new thread?


My bad, sorry. It made sense at the time (to me) because the chart above didn’t include anything like the BDW split so it made me wonder where the Push/Pull split fits in. And it’s a very popular program so I was curious why it’s not included in the chart.