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Optimal Timing to Take Flameout?

Hi Christian
I’m doing the type2b program and nutrition
When would be the best time to take Flameout ?with my carb meals ( pre and post) or my fat meals?
Thankyou in advance

I think, as fish oil is anti-inflammatory, you want to avoid timing it near your workouts.

Maybe with breakfast, if that includes carbs as fish-oil aids with insulin sensitivity. Or before bed because it helps with serotonin signalling allowing you to wind down easier.

100%… anything anti-inflamatory can decrease the training response because the inflammation from the workout is one of the growth trigger. So you want to take your fish oil as far from your workout as possible. In the morning would normally be the best option, or before bed.

so if you workout after the breakfast you should avoid it and wait till the supper and/or before bed ?

is it better to take 2x 2 caps or 1x4 caps ? ( example )

Correct, and if you train in the PM/evening it’s best to take it in the morning.

I’d take it all at once unless you take like 20 caps.

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