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Optimal Timing/Dosage for these Supps

Picked up a buncha bulk supplements and was wondering what the optimal timing/dosage is for these supplements. Searched the interwebz and there is much conflicting info.

ALA capsules (150mg each)
BCAAs ( xtend scivation â?? taste so good!)

take BCAAs throughout the day(20-30g) especially during training.
Glutamine: you can take it post workout with your shake.

This is how i would take this stuff…I try to keep things simple, and i don’t like intricate protocols…

beta alanine - i would take 2-3g with your preworkout meal/shake

glutamine - it is worthless for bodybuilding. it has some ebenfit for gut health…maybe take it for breakfast

ALA - 300mg dose pwo…you could also do another 300mg dose with another high carb meal if you wish

leucine - add it to whole meals that have low protein(less than 30g)…also could add it to slow digesting protein sources like casein…

bcaa - 10g pre/during workout…10g between meals with small amount of carbs if you have the money…

Leucine you want to take with your meals. Beta Alanine should be take 3 times a day 8 hours apart.

Thanks guys.

What about days off from gym?

Also what are the thoughts on taking leucine with ur pwo shake? And beta alanine 3x day?!

could spike foods with leucine, may or may not help. wont hurt. keep with the beta alanine 3x a day, everyday