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Optimal Time with 1 Program?


Hi Guys,

Just wanted some relative answers as to how long people tend to stick with one programme based on training experience,

i have been training consitently for 1yr 8 months after returning from a SLAP tear just as i was starting to train seriously. Had messed around in the gym from time to time before but not in a very dedicated fashion.

Current split is 3 days on 1 day off consisting of

Day1: Back & Biceps
Day2: Chest, Shoulders & Tri's
Day3: Legs & Abs
Day4: Off
Then repeat

All the main lifts (Rows, Pull ups, Presses, Bench, D-Lifts, Squat) are covered for strength with some accessory wotrk for hypertrophy afterwards.

Weight is added week to week depending on how i am progressing with each exercise, for example if i am improving and form is not restricted in increasing i do not hesitate to up the weight

Was thinking of sticking with this for a few months and then changing back to a different split to work on strength work for a couple of months before returning to this more hypertrophy based workout.

Any suggestions or comments appreciated!


stick to it till it stops working, and you stop progressing. Then consider changing it up. However, if you're trying to gain mass/strength, it could simply be that you're not consuming enough calories, so fix that first.


Ride it until it breaks

And when it breaks

Fix it with food


that was a lot neater than mine...



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I've been doing 531 for 20months, no reason to stop.


As your training progresses, you will find most likely that some aspects never need to be changed, some need to be changed often...and to add to the confusion, some things that never need to be changed suddenly need to be COMPLETELY changed.

Instead of looking for an arbitrary fixed time to change, look at from a practical point of view:

If you feel a need for a change, evaluate exactly what it is that you feel needs to be changed. Frequency? Rep range? Exercises? Diet?

In fact, for purposes of evaluation, you want to try and only change 1 variable at a time. If you, say, exchange HFT for HIT and grow like a weed, you can't tell what ACTUALLY caused the progression. Was it the reduction in bodypart frequency? The reduction in sets? The increase in "intensity" (effort)?

you get the picture.