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Optimal Time for Getting T Tested?

I am reading through the stickies and have a question: When is the right time of the day to get tested?

Background: I got a vasectomy reversal since I am getting ready for family #2. At 52, T levels pre-op were in the mid 600’s – not great, but just average. Post op they dropped to just shy of 400. Now, my doctor – who specializes in fertility issues – states that in guys who have had a vasectomy for a really long time (almost 14 years in my case), a post-reversal permanent drop can occur. If this is the case, it might be a downward spiral that won’t stop. That is bad. He says he has had good success trying to restart normal function before it gets out of hand. Waiting until it bottoms out (like the insurance company wants) usually means complete failure.


So I had this tested post-op about 2 hours post-workout. I trained quite hard (schedule permitted no other time that day and that was German Volume training squat day. ouch) Having been reading some more, it seems that a big drop in T would be expected after workout like that. Therefore my questions to all y’all are

  • When should I get tested so I have a consistent baseline? First thing in the am? Eat first? Should I do it post-workout from now on since I did that once?
  • Does heavy training make that much of a difference?
  • Are there other considerations to getting a consistent result that I should follow?

So far, I have not seen these addressed in the stickies. Apologies if this is in a thread I missed. He did not think that training would make much of a difference, but I also get the impression that most of his clients are sedentary office workers. Other values (still trying to get a copy of the complete report) for prolactin, E2 etc. were “normal”.

Oh, he wants to put me on clomid (25 mg/day) to fix this. Thoughts?

– jj

First thing in the morning, around 8 am is the time that you should get tested, otherwise your results are invalid for diagnostic purposes (in healthy young men T levels fall significantly during the course of the day so later results will give am artificially low reading). Do not work out before.

Using hCG or Nolvadex can increase T. Nolvadex can also improve sperm count.

Thank you both! It is odd that I suddenly have to have a keen interest in my T levels. The information on the list (special thanks to you both for the stickies!) is outstanding and more than I could have hoped for.

It is weird that the best source of information is here, not the medical community per se. Not that I’m complaining one lick!


If the medical community offered these services, this forum would have no reason to exist.