"Optimal" Testosterone Level

For years I wondered about this “optimal” T level I heard so much about as part of TOT. Where is that I thought to myself? Well I finally found out where it is:

1:40 to 2:00

Seems it is above “normal” level but below “side effect” level.

I find it hard to believe that a PA consulted him, and that a PA didn’t understand the difference between daily injections vs weekly.

Can I take a whole bottle of antibiotics at once and it have the same effect as spreading it out over a week.

Can I drink 7 gallons of water today and not drink any the rest of the week?

This video seems aimed at idiots.

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The title of the video and much of the discussion has to do with this:

I just thought the definition of optimal and how Serrano defined its location was funny in a troubling way…normal, optimal, and side effect level. I’m curious about the person who has significant side effects above the normal level. Does that then mean that optimal level overlaps with normal level?

Doesn’t it just mean that the normal level is just their optimal level.

There will always be some who have low tolerance to increased androgens, isn’t there?

Isn’t “optimal level” just a component of “better living through chemistry?” I believe most believe the optimal level brings with it very minimal side effects.

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1500 on trough days or it don’t count.

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