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Optimal Test Level and Deviation From It?

I’m 42yo. I started TRT about a year ago. My baseline was 550 TT. No medical issues. I thought I’d try it because I suffered from a fatigue issue.
I inject cypionate 52mg E3rdD Sub Q.
Dim 100mg day. Seems to help control my acne…
No HcG.

While I feel good, it hasn’t really transformed the way a feel, and has not eased the fatigue in a noticable way. I manage it, it’s fine. I do look great all the time, not having to hit the gym 7 days a week.
I was a bit frivolous with it at one point. My TT was at 1150. At that time i did a full panel and everything was in order.

I just had basic blood work, and my TT was 750, no other numbers tested. I am planning to do a full Test panel in a few weeks.

My question: Since I’m on TRT is there an optimal yet safe level to shoot for? Should I try upping it, or lowering it for a few weeks and then have blood work? I’d like to dial it in for the long term.

Also: Is it ever wise to up your dosage a little when sustaining an injury. I play a lot of tennis, so there’s almost always some sort of an injury present, but I mean a more severe one, where upping it could help accelerate the healing. (My guess is not, but…?)



Forget about “dialing in” to a number. Go with how you feel.

Actually, yes, anabolic steroids will help with recovery from injuries.

Everyone will have their own optimal level, some men feel terrible in the high normal ranges (800-1000) and some feel better slightly higher than midrange (600) which can be dependant on SHBG.

Whenever you make a change to a protocol, your levels your body is forced to adapt and for 6 weeks, so it makes no sense to add more T just because of an injury and the benefits will not been seen for another 6 weeks, you actually lose the benefits during these 6 weeks.

Whenever I make a change to my protocols, I stall in the gym for those 6 weeks, muscle recovery halts and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

Keep in mind, competitive weightlifters have, for years, bumped up testosterone to get past symptoms of overtraining and/or injury with good, and fairly quick, results. Professional athletes have been known to do the same.

Thank you! I’m interested in taking the safest route.

You mention feeling well… I felt well when I was in the 1100+++ range and I feel well now that I’m in the 750 range. That’s why I’m trying to figure out what is a safe bet, especially for the long haul.

I was probably a bit more ripped at higher dose and worked out less over the winter. But, summer is here now, I prefer hitting the gym regularly and dosing less. I still look about the same.

Lastly, (still feeling well aside)… do you recommend getting on HcG + I assume lowering the test dose? Is that better long term?

The only thing I’m hesitant about is my acne. I still had it on my face, but also got it on my back after starting T. Since then I’ve added DIM, and it has gotten really good. I don’t breakout on my face as much any more and the chest/back is under control. So at 42 I have acne but the test+dim has made it managable… a definite welcome side-effect. Just concerned the HcG may throw that off. But willing to play with it, if it’s a good move.