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Optimal Test/E2 Levels On and Off Cycle?

Hi all,

Wondered if someone can offer their perspective.

I’ve been on a first time Tren Cycle where I switched from Tren E to Ace midway through, about 4 weeks ago, all was fine until last week until I started feeling the symptoms of shut down, particularly low libido, poor erections - so I proceeded to check my bloods again and here is where I’m at;

Test 52 nmol/l
Estradiol 399 pmol/l
Prolactin 19.8 ug/l

Interestingly I didnt pin for 3 days and started feeling normal, perfect erection quality, but when I pinned Test cypionate again, it feels like the shut down reocurred.

I was on 300mg Test cyp a week and 400mg Tren ace a week (split into daily doses). This cycle has been around 2.5 months…

Doctor has prescribed Caber 0.5mg (twice a week) and Arimidex 0.5mg (once a week) for the next two weeks.

My question is really what is the ideal T to E2 ratio on and off cycle. I know everyone’s different!

What else do you suggest in relation to this? My previous cycle was Test + Deca without the shutdown issue, and I had much higher E2 (800 pmol/l). I do have a little gyno from puberty too.

This is the only compound of yours that aromatizes. You would base your AI dose around that but at 300mg its highly unlikely one is needed.

Depending on the labs you took your Tren is showing up as E2. Unless you got the sensative assay so its not accurate for judgement.


:point_up_2:t2:What he said. You got the ELICA test which is 0% accurate when using tren. Your e2 isn’t confirmed as high unless you get LC/MS-MS. I wouldn’t take the adex until you look closely at the report from the lab and determine which test you got.

Also, my man, you’ve been shut down since about day six. That’s not what you’re feeling.

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If you are confident in the second sentence being true, I don’t know why you would ask the question in the first sentence? :thinking:

You are correct in your second sentence BTW (at least in my opinion). I guess, I wouldn’t worry about it much, unless you don’t feel good. I think many men can run as several different ratios / levels and feel good. Some are not so lucky?

Thank you all. Will go back to the doctor to find out about the test tomorrow.

So if it isn’t shut down it must be the prolactin?
I’ll hold off on the Arimidex but already took the Caber.

Would you suggest continuing to run Test/TRT for now? I had low T prior anyway.
Would you guys choose Cypionate 2x/wk over Phenylpropionate ED?

If you look at the lab work it will say what method was used. It’s usually under the estradiol reading.

As far as prolactin and what’s high and what’s not, based on the standard range for men (<20ng/ml) you’re not high. You’re at 19.8ug/l which is equal to…drumroll…19.8ng/ml. That’s top of the range, but it’s certainly not high and is absolutely not high enough for caber. Lowering it would be a matter of taking perhaps 100mg of P5P (which is available on Amazon et al) for a week. Caber is a serious drug and if you’re reporting an accurate number there then it’s unwarranted in your situation.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually there’s no indication of what method was used although the test lab is reliable and very large / most doctors here in Singapore use them. I will certainly find out.

I’ve got P5P also as bought that in anticipation and only took the one dose of Caber today so will do another round of bloods in a weeks time.

So for now I think I’ll pull back to 50mg Test Phenylpropionate a day and drop the Tren Ace for two weeks or so.

There’s nothing else that could have clearly impacted my libido from what I can tell. Nothing else changed. Gear wise I’ve been using the same brand for some time.

Man, using illicit steroids in Singapore. You have the absolute biggest balls of anyone here.

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You can get Sustanon and Deca here on prescription.
Using is not selling, nor are these drugs in the context of narcotics.
There is nothing illicit about what I’m doing

You should have kept quiet, man. Here I was picturing you as a serious rebel :joy:.

Well you didn’t ask what I do for a living…