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Optimal Strength and Power Programming

Coach, per your amazing article, how would you apply the Omni-contraction system to hypertrophy/fat loss if you wanted to use a full body split?

Accumulation = structural oriented
Intensification = hypertrophy oriented
Realization = strength oriented

Something along these lines?

Realization doesn’t necessarily mean the heaviest or most explosive work.

Realization is the type of training more specific to your goal.

If it’s fat loss it would be more dense training, less rest, more exercise combinations, more metabolic work.

If it’s hypertrophy it would be the purest “bodybuilding” phase of the cycle.

So we could have something like:

Accumulation = Structural and hypertrophy
Intensification = Strength (but not going below 3 reps per set)
Realization = Hypertrophy with more advanced methods (rest/pause, drop sets, myo reps, 30/10/30, etc.)

For fat loss we would also periodize energy systems work.

Accumulation: Structural and hypertrophy
Intensification: Strength
Realization: high density training (circuits, upper/lower contrasts, loaded carries, drop sets, etc.)

Energy system
Accumulation: LISS (3-4x a week)
Intensification: LISS (2-3x a week) with HIIT (1-2x a week)
Realization: HIIT (2-3x a week), metabolic conditioning (1-2x a week)… if the person is still overfat and recovering well you can also add some LISS after the intervals

With fat loss I also periodize the diet to fit the training. As odd as it might seem, I normally start with a low carbs approach and add carbs as the cycle progresses (while caloric intake is maintained or decreased). This servers 3 main purposes:

  1. It allows you to perform the higher volume in the last phase (since there is more intervals nad metabolic work it also means that you need more carbs to perform)… in the first phase the goal is to improve your body’s capacity to use fat for fuel. Which is why we stick with LISS (no intervals… low intensity to train your body to mobilize and use fat) and few carbs in your diet to force your body to use fat for fuel.

  2. It lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels which tend to be more and more elevated as the diet progresses and when you are leaner (that’s why a lot of physique competitors have problems sleeping when they get lean).

  3. Psychologically it gives the illusion that you are dieting less hard because you have more carbs, even though calories are just as low or lower.

So a diet could look like this

Accumulation: Keto
Intensification: Targeted carbs (no carbs except around workouts)
Realization: Carbs around the workout and in the evening

Of course fats are decreased as carbs increase (protein is maintained_


Makes perfect sense—thanks.

Previously, my wife had completed your old women’s physique transformation program (it worked great for her! When will you do a new one?)

What kind of strategy did you implement there?

Phase One was was full body Omni-contraction system (this was before you had the Omni-contraction course available) So this is the equivalent of hypertrophy in the above example?

Phase Two was a ramp day, a strength-speed day, and two bodybuilding days.
This is the equivalent of strength in the above example?

Phase three was a strength-speed GBC type setup, one traditional setup strength-speed day, one GBC day, and one bodybuilding day. This is the equivalent of upper/lower contrasts and higher density in the above example?

There is a new one (we changed all the programs in december) even though they have the same name

Yes, same basic approach.

Terrific. I will purchase it as soon as my wife finishes her current program.

So far, we have purchase the NEW Neurotype 2, 3, and Maximal Muscle. I notice they all use four blocks vs. three (as you discussed above).

How would you generally apply what you taught in me, in the above posts, to four blocks instead of three? (I don’t want to post specifics of each program because I know they’re new and you are selling them.)

It seems like :

Accumulation 1 = Accumulation as you described above

Intensification 1 = a strength phase

Accumulation 2 = a harder version of accumulation 1 (using a more difficult method)

Intensification 2 = what you described as realization above.

The reps undulated in some cases but it was more of a case of the methods getting more difficult. Is this correct, coach?