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Optimal Steroids

Optimal Steroid Selection for a Cycle:

After doing lots of reading on various compounds I have come up with what I think (for your critisizm) the optimal way to select compounds to add to a cycle.  There are primarily two goals one is looking for in a cycle (as well as individual minor goals). 

The first goal in cycle design is to get the highest amount of anabolics necessary to reach ones goals.  Weather your bulking/cutting/recomp is primarily a function of diet, but all of these are improved as with an increase in anabolics.  There is obviously a tipping point where the sides outweight the benefits, and also for most of us a point where we are happy with where we are and are just looking to maintain a certain level.

The second primary goal of any cycle is proper sexual function and libido, and in most cases we would be looking for an increase in libido.  Libido is primarily determined by moderate to high dht level, normal estrogen levels, and normal prolactin levels.

So to design an effective cycle on must incorporate a high anabolic, a dht derivitive, and an aromatizing testosterone base (for proper estrogen levels after shutdown).

High Anabolics - Trenbolone and Anavar would be the top two. Finding the maximum dose one can use of one (or both) with regards to side effects would be best, combining both if necessary to achieve a good amount of highly anabolic steroids. Winstrol and Anadrol also are highly anabolic but I will cover them later.

DHT Derivitives - Good choices here for longer cycles are Masteron and Proviron as they are both usable for extended periods of time. The goal with dosing here is to find the dose that one is most happy with the improvement in libido. An added benefit is one also gets the hardness and AI qualities that come with these compounds. If using Anavar which is also a DHT derivitive one might be able to lower the dosage in this category. As with the last category Winstrol and Anadrol fall into this category but will be covered later.

Testosterone Derivitives - Obviously a form of testosterone is best here. One should be shooting for a TRT (100-200mg or so) a week dose primarily for the goal of aromitization to estrogen to support proper libido function. Too much testosterone would lead to needing an aromitase inhibitor, which would be counter productive to libido function. Also money would be better spend on more of your chosen anabolic compounds as most are more effective per dollar in this regard. Dianabol also falls into this category and will be discussed later.

Ancillaries - These are obviously important to supporting ones goals, and most people would know what they need here if at the point of desiging their own stack. Prami/Caber as well as HCG would be the two primary ancillaries to ensure that libido and overall sides are kept to a minimum (Unless relying on Anavar as the primary Anabolic). If the testosterone dose is kept low an AI most likely wouldn’t be necessary.

On Hepatotoxic Orals - Winstrol, Anadrol and Dianabol all are useful to achieve these goals too. Winstrol and Anadrol are both highly anabolic and satisy the DHT derivitive for increased libido. These compounds could be used in place of (or with) masteron/proviron during cycle in low to moderate doses but bloodwork would really be required and one would have to not be sensitive to their sides. A better choice if not getting regular liver tests would be to reserve them for kickstarts/finishers as usual to provide the anabolic and dht requirements in combination with dianabol for the estrogen needs.
Dianabol is an aromatizing testosterone derivitive and in a low dose would provide the needed estrogen to support a healthy libido during shutdown. Since testosterone would be cheaper there wouldn’t be much of a benefit to running this concurrent during cycle in place as the testosterone base. It could however be used during the kickstart/finisher or with an oral only to support proper libido when testosterone has either not kicked in, is declining (between last shot and pct), or if one is avoiding pinning (traveling maybe?).

Specific Goals - There are other goals for some outside of the Highly anabolic and increased libido, such as joint health, increased endurance, vascularity and hardness, ect. One could adjust the doses or add compounds to acheive these goals as desired, but I do not find these require as much emphasis.

So an optimal cycle would look like:

Trenbolone/Anavar - Max dosage with regards to side effects and cost, using one or both (400-800+ week).

DHT Derivitive:
Masteron or Proviron- Dosage where libido is increased to desired level (400-800mg week).

Testosterone Base:
Testosterone - TRT dose (100-200mg).

Oral Kickstart/Finisher (if using long esters):
Winny/Anadrol - Satisfies anabolic and dht, in max dosages with regards to sides/cost. Using one or both
Dianabol - Low dose for aromitiation to estrogen (25mg ed or so). Probably not necessary if not shutdown or enough test is still in your system or running HCG.

Obviously adding compounds one by one and ramping up and down on the dosages would be ideal. At the start more traditional 500mg test cycles combined with the listed orals to find good dosages would be a good place to start until one has enough experience to start working with tren.

Deca, EQ, Primo, Increased Masteron, Halo, Ect. Can be added based on individual needs to achieve goals if necessary. This list is merely the base to a quality cycle.

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