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Optimal Oral Addition

Hey all. I’m planning on following a very simple cycle:

Weeks 01-10 500mg Test E - two 250mg per week
Weeks 11-12 Lifting+diet
Weeks 13-14 40mg Nolvadex per day
Weeks 15-18 20mg Nolvadex per day

However, I asked a reputable source, and he recommended adding turinabol at 40-60mg e/d for weeks 1-10, along with the test-e.

The reasoning was: “It will allow for more test to be “free” by binding it’s self with SHBG, keep water retention down, and provide a nice appetite boost. Again, very little, if any sides with T-bol, and it’s fairly inexpensive.”

I’m easily sold on an oral addition to increase the efficacy of the cycle, but I wasn’t sure if turinabol was the best choice.

I don’t want anything super hardcore here, but a relatively minor oral addition. What do you guys recommend?

The part about SHBG, while commonly said, isn’t so and isn’t relevant at all. SHBG is no enemy of testosterone or anabolic steroids: free blood concentration, which is what is relevant, is the same regardless of SHBG levels. SHBG doesn’t consume steroids nor absorb any significant amount. E.g., at normal testosterone levels of say 600 ng/dL and assuming one has say seven liters o of blood, that’s 42000 billionths of a gram total that is held by the SHBG, or 42 millionths of a gram. An exceedingly tiny percentage of either the total amount in the body or the rate being consumed. Plus it’s serving as a depot, not as being lost. Just not an issue.

The reason it exists is to allow transport from the testes and also it has signalling properties of its own, but neither reducing or increasing it, nor binding it, is relevant to gains.

On the general question, with T at modest dose such as that pretty much anything can be added to good effect, as it has mixed activity so improving either property, at the androgen receptor or not, improves results. An advantage of OT is that it doesn’t convert to estrogen, so since that’s a factor with using the T in the first place, not adding to it is a good thing if no anti-estrogen is being used. Either for example Dianabol or oxymetholone can aggravate the effect, the Dianabol from aromatizing itself also and the oxymetholone for some unknown differing reason, though Winstrol as another option also would not. However, Winstrol is not as cost-effective as what OT is being sold for.

Doing some more learning about SHBG which leads me to bump this post from Bill Roberts.