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Optimal Layer System Exercises

Hi CT!

I’ve been looking over my notes on my iPhone today & was thinking if the goal was to look like an absolute badass (the power look) what would you consider the absolute best

6 lifts per week SGHP, Decline DSB tilt (thumbs closer), dead-squat launch, Incline bench tilt, SGHP, DSB overhead press (pinkies closer), do something (off day from layer system)

5 lifts SGHP, decline tilt DSB, dead-squat launch, incline tilt, SGHP, day off from layer system, but do something active (repeat)

3 lifts SGHP, incline tilt, dead-squat launch, off day from layers do something or even repeat twice off day from layers

Optimal peri - 3 servings of Plazma + 3 pulses of MAG-10, I’m assuming 30min/60min/90min post workout

Just curious as I was looking over my notes

I am all ears…I absolutely love this system & have gotten outstanding results

I use HRV too & feel like recovery is no issue

Thank you for your time & expertise I really appreciate all you’ve done for me!