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Optimal HCG Monotherapy to Restore Fertility?

What is the optimal HCG dosage to restore fertility? I have been on TRT and would like to start a family. I don’t want to desensitize my leydig cells with a high dose but also want enough to ensure a successful restart.

I know I have the option of adding HCG to TRT but my Dr won’t allow it. It’s either TRT or HCG – not both.

  1. 250-350IU, three times a week
  2. 350-500IU, twice a week

Why am I being prescribed such a high dose? 1500IU, three times a week? Is this too much?

It’s your insurance that won’t allow it, whoever pays the bills is boss. It’s one of the reason many go private, if I want HCG with TRT I can have it with any arguing.

If you really want to increase sperm count to start a family, FSH injections is the most effective way. You would have to go private of course because no insurance would pay for it.

I do not know. I personally know people who have conceived with the dosages I reported.