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Optimal Diet for Testosterone?


Hi all,

If you Google "Testosterone and diet" you will come up with tons of information on how a high carb (50-60%) diet promotes high T levels, and how conversely a low carb diet will cause them to sink.

However, it is also known that Insulin severely suppresses Testosterone. Surely (especially in an IR individual) someone with that high amount of carbs is going to be spiking his insulin throughout the day? If so how is this percentage optimal for T levels.

I wonder what the T forums think personally about the optimaly testosterone diet, so to speak. I know that high fats (especially mono and saturated) encourages T production. I have also read that the paleo diet (low carb) has actually boosted the T production (e.g sex drive) of many of its followers, which is in STARK CONTRAST to all of the publicized studies.

Any thoughts, anecdotes, etc?


Insulin suppresses testosterone?


Would you like the truth or more bullshit?

The truth is little is known, especially in men, about the direct relationship of insulin and testosterone.




T Nation's own article seem to make the implication: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/the_taming_of_insulin

I am by no means an expert, but there seems to be just as many studies proclaiming the relationship as there are discounting it. E.G one of the first websites that poppoed when Googled.


Two hours after glucose administration, the testosterone level remained
much lower than before the test in 73 of the 74 men, a statistically
significant difference, the authors reported. Of the 66 men who had
normal testosterone levels before the test, 10 (15 percent) became
hypogonadal at one or more time points during the test.

The results did not differ by changes in insulin levels, according to
the abstract. Other hormones that could change testosterone measurements
also did not appear to affect results. Hayes said more research is
needed to find the factor or factors responsible for this drop in

Because glucose intake, and likely food, decreases testosterone, she
said, "This research supports the notion that men found to have low
testosterone levels should be reevaluated in the fasting state."


Who cares?

Nothing you eat will have an impact on t levels to the point that you'll notice ANYTHING, body comp wise or well-being wise.

If you want to raise your testosterone levels use DAA or drugs.


Tim Ferriss jacked his test he claims 300%, by lots of eggs, brazil nuts, steaks, and keeping his phone off his crotch. He suggests cholesterol is a key in test production


^Isn't testosterone derived from cholesterol?

I always thought eating a lot of wholesome food and drinking a lot of water is your best bet for putting your body in a good hormonal balance. Naturally


Yes - it's a precursor for steroid hormones like test.....


Good to know.

So just like dietary cholesterol doesn't clog arteries, increasing dietary cholesterol would not raise testosterone?

Just food for thought here, I'm not an over analyzer.


That quote is the only conclusion from that paragraph.


One can only assume that people on this site are worried about it in the context of building muscle or from a general health perspective.

If for building muscle, maybe people would be better off just lifting heavy-assed weights and eating more steak instead of worrying about what foods affect "T".

If for general health, maybe people should see a doc about blood work and TRT.


They seem to be trying to make up their own rules.

If "insulin suppresses testosterone" is what they get out of that statement that was quoted, they need to stop assuming they actually understand all of the scientific data they are looking at.

The term "lay person" wasn't created for no reason.


Now, I'm not a doctor (but I do stay at Holiday Inn Expresses once in awhile), but from my perspective, if I was even worried about insulin/testosterone relationships to diet, then I would focus on controlling insulin.


Because there are LOTS of studies/info on how insulin is affected by diet and it's directly affected and easily measurable.

Testosterone? If you have low T, like chronic clinically low T, then diet might be an avenue to correct it, but certainly not without the help of someone who specializes in it. Seems like a nice conversation to ponder while smoking whisky, but from a practical standpoint seems pointless to worry about.

There are so many other variables to consider than just I:T in a vacuum. The human body just isn't that simple.

Eating lots of Eggs/Steak/Chicken/Potatoes >>>>>>> Hypothetical Insulin:Testosterone ratio (In my non-medical opionion).


Speaking of lots of eggs, steak, and potatoes...I just hit the 200lb club and X's delt tie-ins are the size of my whole delt + tie-in. Lol, looking thick man.


LOL. My assistant just walked by wondering what I'm smiling at.

Thanks man. I am shooting for something more though.


Well I know I have read multiple times that high fat diets, at least 30% fat, raise test. With saturated and monounsaturated being the ones to raise your test.


^ Yeah but the cortisol you release by worrying about shit like this will hinder any gains all that extra T could give you.

Srsly, who cares. I'm THOROUGHLY convinced that all this bro-knowledge does little more than screw up the newbs (I was like this for many-a-moons). All these 'articles' distract new-jacks from doing what they need to do:

  • Hit the weights fucking HARD
  • Eat enough food to grow
  • Shut up and listen

If SteelyD, Prof X, K-Man, Bonez, etc are all saying to shut up and eat, maybe they're on to something.


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not to turn this into a profx worship thread, but your waist has really tightened up a ton too. makes your shoulders look even wider.


I appreciate that, guys. For real.