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Optimal Deca Dose for Joint Pain

Hey fellas,

What would be the lowest dose of deca I could take that will help with joint pain? Currently taking test (400mg per week) and do a lot of martial arts / jiu jitsu so my joints have taken a beating over the years.

Not necessarily looking for gains, just joint relief (trying to avoid water retention with higher doses as well)

LMK what you guys think,


I would look into BPC-157 and TB500. If you have a lot of money you could look at HGH, or if you don’t you could look at MK-677 (this seems to have helped my joints).

Deca doesn’t heal joints, tendons, soft tissues. It masks the issues. The options above may actually heal the issue, and have less side effects.


Not disagreeing with mnben87 but i was using 125mg/week deca and some tendinitis and shoulder pain stopped a few weeks after i started. I have a couple BB buddies that swear by it for joint/tendon issues but who knows. There is another logging BPC-157 use for injury. I’m following that as well. Not familiar with BPC but would love to understand the benefits better.