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Optimal Cycle Duration?!


hi all!

Cycle length has been on my mind lately with pondering a new cycle for the distant future…

With the risk/reward understanding in mind, I am trying to come to some conclusion as to the most optimal duration to run a cycle (given PCT, not TRT).

10 weeks on cycle will no doubt do more for suppression than 5weeks, and a longer PCT duration entails. Personally i find longer cycles much harder to come back.
I guess the optimal length would have to be in regards to the individual recovery time with PCT.

Point being, does some sort of middle ground exist? and has someone gone for an approach such as, 4-6 week cycles/ shorter PCT lengths (bloodworks hopefully done for recovery), and has it worked better?
e.g–10 weeks on + PCT/recovery VS 5ish weeks + PCT recovery – repeating as each recover, who will be better off with gains?

Side note - I also post this with the agenda to discourage some new/younger users from doing lengthy cycles with overly suppressive drugs. People (myself guilty as well) seem to lose logical thinking when planning a cycle, going ‘gainscrazy’ and plan a 12weeker+ cycle with tren and all that good stuff, then wonder why a 4 week PCT has not helped.


well, i think that there are a lot of things to look at as far as determining what is “best”…

it’s well documented that myostatin increases after 8 weeks on a cycle, so longer then that would result in diminishing returns.

pretty much anything over 2 weeks is gonna result in significant HPTA suppression. however, it’s pretty common to see guys recover well from cycles less than 12 weeks, and cycles over 16 weeks seem to cause way more issues.

short cycles (3-6 weeks) work for some guys, but those are guys that are comfortable getting more modest gains, and using their training and diet experience to maintain them until the next short cycle.

EDIT: i think an issue with people’s recovery has a lot to do with how they structure their PCT. it seems like 4 weeks is a really common time, but that’s not based on any science. while there are ample studies on various SERMs (especially clomid and nolva), the data points to 6-12 weeks of time for them to be truly effective.

also, is the user truly recovered? some guys get bloodwork to verify this, whereas an awful lot don’t, and are just guesstimating.


Thanks for the reply @cycobushmaster

I did not know about the myostatin increase, very interesting!

I have read that the body starts to adapt to change with steroids around the 6-8 week stage, fighting to correct itself after the initial shock loses effect… thats where my question originated i guess.

I think 5-8 weeks works best for myself. Im going to keep to that length from know on. Long bouts in PCT is tough mentally and physically, after being superman for so long the wait between long cycles can be rough.

Thanks again, appreciate it!