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Optimal carbs for MASS

Carbs and LEAN MASS!!!

Based on your personal experience, what are the best carbohydrate food sources (in your opinion) for putting on LEAN MASS???

Here are a few to get the thread started:

Plain oatmeal (duh)

Multigrain (unprocessed) bread

Baked potato

The post w/o period is filled with a healthy dose of surge. It’s those next 2-3 meals that follow where the influx of carbs come into play.

I’m going over 200 pounds (currently 182)this winter and am looking for some additional carb calories to pack on the meat!

Bring it!

Beans…avoid baked beans.

Any low GI carb would work.

High GI carbs immeadiatly after your surge. Well within’ an hour.

Following some advice that Chad Waterburry gave me, I use 1/2 Surge during workout then rest after. About 40 minutes after that I start the timer, and for the next hour I enjoy at least 1 Classic Grow, Honeycombe or Golden Grahms w low fat milk, etc. In that hour I try to consume around my bodweight in carbs, and all the protein I can. Working great for mass so far.

If i am correct, I recall reading that both Berardi and Chad reccomend high GI post workout.

I snack on dates (very high GI) post work out and maybe some fat free ice cream and fat free fudge. Not as ideal as Surge but I have seen great results with it.

If you are trying to gain mass, why don’t people drink 1/2 serving Surge during workout then a full serving post workout?

Also damn you cheeky bastards for buying up all the Surge, it’s been on back order for a couple weeks! Us skinny bastards need it!

Agathos, do you think CW would reccomend this for endomorphs who pack on fat easily? Is this a good method for EVERYONE, or just hard-gainers?


I think you have CW’s advice a littled mseed. It’s actually supposed to be within’ the hour following the workout, not the hour and 40 minutes. But if it’s working, it’s all good.


It’s a good method for everyone. How much you take in will vary on how hard the workout was. I put on fat easily and used this method to put some mass on with very little fat gain. It’s a good method.

I still go Low-GI … been working for me.

Brown Rice and Sweet Taters …mmm

Snickers bar


I’m pretty sure that I’m right, after my last 1/2 Surge after the workout you have to wait, otherwise you’ll just fark up the Surge mixture.

So for instance, post workout Surge, +40 minutes is when I begin my 1 hour carb-cram session. Working great.


Here’s a post from Shugs, who in turn, took it from an interview with C-Dubya.

“My clients take in half a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass and a gram of carbs per pound of lean body mass in the hour after training. The carbs should come from bagels and cereals, mostly medium to high G.I. sources. It’s hard to get that many carbs in that hour, so you have to choose carb-dense sources. And remember, you don’t want high fiber cereals in this case, so I recommend a combination of bagels, Frosted Cheerios, Smart Start, Golden Grahams, and things like that. Fat intake needs to be nil in that hour, so use skim milk.”

Has anyone mentioned beer?

Didn’t think so. ;-(

Now would surge be included in the hour for these numbers or not?

  1. rice…white or brown
    2)sweet potatoes (they have less starch and are really good with splenda and equal
  2. Oatmeal