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Optimal Calories for Diet


I'm 43, 6'0", 265, but have a weird build with thick legs...most people guess I weight 220 or so. Don't have a huge gut, but at 265, I'm pretty fat.

I'm aiming for 2-3 pounds per week or so initially in fat lost.

Working out 3x per week, walking 3 miles per day, biking whenever it's not too hot (15-20 miles per on a mountain bike), etc, yoga/pilates class (it kicks my ass) 2-3x per week.

I did most of this before, but I'm basically restricting calories now as a way to lose the fat.

So far I've tried to cut out starches and sugars and sweets and keep to 2000-2500 calories per day.

Do you think this will work?

4 days in my pants feel a little looser, workouts are a little less energetic, and I'm somewhat hungry but not achingly so.

Tried to find the optimal caloric intake. I don't want to "crash diet" or anything like that though.


I think you are short on calories. Good move on cutting out the simple carbs, up your quality protein and add a good quantity of fish oil to your intake. Other good fats as well. Off-hand I’d say shoot for 3000 kcals a day and see what your weekly loss looks like over a month and then adjust.


I believe our bodies care more about quality than quantity (within reason of course). While I was losing weight, I never counted my calories explicitly, but I made sure I was sitting at around 60/30/10 fat/protein/carbs. It’s a really good ratio to shoot for. Feed your body the right stuff (nothing processed, no preservatives) and you’ll discover how quickly your body will tell you exactly how much to eat. Never be hungry, never be full. Some days you’ll need more calories than others.

x2 on soldog. like he said…quality proteins, quality fats (grass-fed meat, avocados, coconut, fish oil, …)


Up until today I would say “all of them” after today I would say “less”