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Optimal BF % for Test Production?


What is the optimal range of body fat percentage for testosterone production.

I have tried to research this through google, I couldn't find anything.

If you could post an answer and source that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


There isnt one range. It differs for every person. Your best bet would be to lift hard and eat a lot of high quality food. This will put you at the best range of bodyfat for youl.


I've heard 10-12% but I don't have a source to confirm that. Maybe someone else can help out with that.


I can help out with that. The "statistic" is horseshit. It applies to some. It doesn't apply for others. That's like asking the best weight to be good at the limbo...the answer is a big, fat "that depends."


I'm interested too, but I doubt there is an universally agreed-upon number. :frowning:


I definitely agree with lower ranges. I don't have proof for this exact matter. However, in females who lower there body fat too low (below 12%) there is an increase in testosterone production. I would imagine it would be the soame with guys. So I would guesstimate 12% or lower for increased natural test production.


I've seen both, some articles have said low bf% increases free test due to less conversion to estrogens in fat cells, I've seen some people post 10-3, neither of the places I received these numbers were credited sources.

So thats why Im asking.


It really depends on the person. Higher levels of body fat increase androgen productions, but estrogen is increased in higher proportion than testosterone. Some guys will see a marked drop off in test production if they go below even as high as 15%, whereas some will be fine until single digits.