Optimal 1st Cycle - But Toremfene?

After reading Swale’s protocol, extending to 12 weeks from 10, and deciding on Nolva over Clomid, I think this is a safe, simple, big cycle for big gains.

It’s quite simple, I think, and I should keep most of the gains thanks to the HCG addition to prevent test dropoff at the end, avoid all gyne due to the adex, and avoid the mood swings of clomid.

weeks 1-12: 500mg of test-e
weeks 1-14: .25mg arimidex per day
week 1-14: 300iu hcg e3d
Weeks 14-15: 40mg nolvadex per day
Weeks 15-18: 20mg nolvadex per day
10mg a day until back to normal

However, I’ve been reading that Toremifene is a far better drug than Nolva - however, I simply haven’t been able to find any research confirming this.

What do you guys think? Is Tamorifene the better drug for PCT, and if so, what kind of dosage should I be looking at?

Thanks guys.

Assuming you meant .25mg/day.

[quote]tryharder1 wrote:

weeks 1-14: 25mg arimidex per day

Thanks guys.[/quote]

That is correct. Otherwise, I would probably begin to grow horns.