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Optical Illusion in Syringe or Something More

So every time i dose I fill my .5cc insulin syringe up to the 17 mark with hcg i then draw another 20 mark of Test into it bringing me to 37. The issue is you can clearly see where they divide even though they are both clear. Problem is even though I’m at 37 it looks like the test is only filled to like 15-17 depending on the day. Now there is an obvious overlap where the oil has a round slug with the bac water kind of surrounds. However sometimes its so far away from where it should be that i dont think it can be just an illusion. At first i thought the vacuum from my 2nd draw of the test was expanding the bac. Water/hcg but that just doesnt seem plausible to me. What does seem more likely to me would be the other non oil additives in the test, dispersing into the water as they meet causing the hcg slug to gain size. Now if this is the case could i be under/overdosing myself by basically disolving this stuff into the hcg and pushing oil back into the bottle with less additives causing me to actually have a) either hcg with lot of aditives and a smaller amount of oil. B)then towards the bottom of the test vial i would be getting oil that is stronger because most of the additives have been soaked up by hcg leaving just oil and ester. Hopefully this makes sense to someone and they can either offer up an explanation or their experience. Im eod now so i may have to just start seperating them and alternating back and forth ED. I mixed them initially in an effort to reduce test loss to 0.