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Oprah Winfrey: The Worst thing to happen to women in America since fast food

I just can't take it anymore. Nearly 70% of all Americans are overweight and more than 30% are obese. No the Queen mother of all cunts Oprah puts trash like this in her magazine. This is just another reason why Oprah Winfrey is T-Nation enemy Number One.
here is the article off yahoo.com (Warning while reading this have a trash can nearby in case vomiting occurs)

Oprah's Latest Weight Battle

May 9, 2006

The world has watched OPRAH's ongoing battle with her weight, but now the talk show maven reveals her real nemesis in her fight to shed those unwanted pounds -- mashed potatoes!

The details of Lady O's losing battle with mashed potatoes are in the June issue of O magazine, on stands May 16.

"For 10 straight days, she had mashed potatoes and she had bread and didn't exercise," says GAYLE KING, Editor-at-Large of O magazine.

"We had gone to South Africa to do some work for her school, and when we arrived, the treadmill wasn't to her liking," Gayle recalls. "The food at the hotel wasn't something that she particularly cared about, but the one thing [they] could do very well was mashed potatoes."

The theme of the mag's June issue is "The Body Season," and with summer -- and more revealing summer outfits -- fast approaching, O takes aim at overcoming not just the battle of the bulge, but the struggle to love our physical selves no matter what size or shape we come in, and to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

"I can tell you that this body has decided we need to be a little bit kinder to ourselves," writes Oprah in the latest issue. "We need to be conscious of the miraculous beat of our hearts, and to thank our bodies -- cellulite and all -- for a job well done."

The mag also includes features on "How Not to Look Fat in a Swimsuit," how to keep a diary of your diet to see if it's working or not, and a "summer expos?" on the celeb phenomenon where everyone from MADONNA to JENNIFER LOPEZ go public in revealing wardrobes like see-through tops, camisoles and slip-dresses.

As for Oprah's own battle with the bulge, don't think she's down for the count. Although she gained ten unwanted pounds from her latest love of spuds, O is always up for a challenge.

"She'll be back on track," Gayle assures us. "I'm not even kind of worried about that."

For more on the June Body issue of O magazine, catch tonight's ET!


In her prime.


I think that pales in comparison to the episodes of her show where she devotes the entire time to spending 20grand on shoes at some fancy pants store. WOW OPRAH'S MY HERO A POWERFUL BLACK WOMAN.



How do you know this?


My future mother in law watches the show. I was in the room.