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Oprah to Publish Fitness Book


According to a news article:

OPRAH Winfrey has inked a deal to publish a fitness book with her personal trainer Bob Greene in what industry insiders say is the richest nonfiction book deal in history, sources told On The Money.

Bob Greene is such a colossal joke.


What a joke.

I could publish a better book with the little knowledge I have.


At least some of those other celebrity broads are hot, but who the hell wants to pay money for a physique like Oprah's?


"Along with being an exercise physiologist, I am also a certified personal trainer and a member of two distinguished groups, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. For the last two decades, I?ve specialized in fitness, metabolism and weight loss. "

Yeah, ACE is hella distinguished. Maybe if it were a CSCS I'd be proud of it, but I wouldn't want ACE and my name uttered in the same sentence.


Agreed. Oprahs die hard followers don't actually think, however.

All of their feeble little mids are assigned books and activities by the all mightly Control Brain. The Control Brain is merely using Oprah as its physical appearence, as it slowly works towards conquering man kind. LONG LIVE THE CONTROL BRAIN!!!!

Seriously, you may not belive this, but their are idiots out their who think that money = right. Oprah's rich, so obviously she'd have the most well informed peronal trainer. They don't think like "regular" people, that results = right. If Oprahs got a personal trainer, he ain't doing his job.


I'm kinda good at eating, and a little better at taking shits. I think I'm gonna publish a book.


The end is near, and hell just froze over.

I'll be in my fallout bunker if anybody needs me.



Shit like this pisses me off. She's not exactly in good shape!

I have this fat beotch at my gym who is a "trainer." I'm AMAZED that people will go to someone who doesn't even look like they're in shape for advice on how to get in shape.

The world is full of people who don't think.


From what I hear she is going to give a bar of that soap that "washes away fat" with the book. She must be doing the "before" portion of the book.


I guess if Dr. Phil can sell a weight loss program, then so can Oprah.