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Oprah, Coffee, and Green Tea


...She had this Dr. on there. His name is: Dr. Perricone. Basically he was preaching the same stuff that T-Nation talks about all the time when it comes to diets. However, since it was Oprah he was saying that eating this way will actually help these women look younger, and from the before and after pictures it certainly did.

The thing that I found interesting was he said that if you switch from coffee to green tea, you can lose 10 lbs of body fat in 6 weeks... Here's what it says:

Coffee (and it's not the caffeine) can result in elevated levels of cortisol and insulin, leading to weight gain. Remember, elevated insulin puts a lock on body fat. If you substitute green tea for coffee, and do nothing else differently, you will lose 10 pounds in six weeks.

Here's the link to the whole article:


What do you all think or know about this whole green tea thing? I drink 24 oz a day in the morning, but I was thinking the cafenine would help me cut some weight!!! Man!!!


Is there anything more out of place than an Oprah reference on T-Nation???

Anyway, instead of slugging down multiple cups of green tea every day(which you will have to do to get an efficacious dose of catechins and polyphenols) try taking the extract. I pop two caps a day and I'm all amped up on catechins and polyP's. You can order green tea extract on any nutrition/supp. site and it's pretty damned cheap.


In the short term (acutely), caffeine/ coffee is fat-mobilizing ("lipolytic"). But it's also true that paradoxically there may be some worsening of central fat gain (partly related to cortisol and insulin) for those who drink several cups per day, every day.

Claims of 10 pound losses by switching to green tea, however, are exaggerated IMO. There's no published consensus that this is true. Coffee has its place - say, as part of a pre-workout "ritual" some days. Just don't make it a crutch.


Amen, Lonnie. This morning, it was Starbucks French Roast and a half scoop of vanilla Grow! on the way to the gym. Can't beat it.


Hey Lonman, how do you feel about a daily morning coffee, say 12oz - 16oz. Is that overdoing it?

I wouldn't call it a crutch, as I've given it up before, but I definitely look forward to my morning coffee. More as a flavor / ritual thing than a caffeine thing. Should I switch to decaf?


I think the pressing idea this guy presented was that green tea is a healthier option in the morning. You've got to realize that there is a 'large' majority of people who watch Oprah that is um... large. So lets say some overweight/obese person is drinking 4 to 6 cups of coffee a day to keep going.

Ok... so we all know that the insulin secretion it causes isn't going to help them lose any fat. I'm sure that drinking coffee with artificial creamer and lots of sugar in there isn't helping their cause either. So lets say you take this person, the average Oprah worshipper, and replace that coffee with the Green Tea.

I'm guessing that there most definately can be a nice loss in bodyfat, maybe up to 10 lbs. You can't just look at the coffee, look at everything IN the coffee. If you scratch the surface this doesn't make a lot of sense, but think about it... you'd be eliminating lots of sugar and calories from each daily intake, over time, this alone should cause some fat loss, compound it with the insulin issues, maybe this guy is right for certain individuals.


Yeah, good point CU. Even if switching from black coffee, (or coffee with Grow! in it) to green tea wouldn't make that big a difference, switching from a triple shot mocha frappachino with whipped cream to a cup of green tea probably would.


Seeing how this probably applies to diet soda as well, would 2 12 oz. cans a day make a significant difference for someone trying to lose fat and gain muscle?


WOW- Oprah..out of place??? Not. First of all she is the first Black Female self made BILLIONAIRE. She got there by taking no shit from anyone and relating to the common american. We all know that if she wasn't working her as off she would be 400 pounds, so props to Oprah for being a baller and trying to stay doable while in her fifties.

Secondly....T-Nation and her have something in common...the vast majority of the people watching have a weight problem... Coffee is a higher in acidic qualities as well. When I drink green tea instead of coffee I feel it is a cleaner form of caffiene. Maybe just because my stomach handles it better.


Thought I would highlight this. Interesting analogy...


I hope I'm missing your sarcasm here...Oprah Winfrey is the ABSOLUTE fucking poster child for yo-yo dieting. How many times over the past 5 or so years has her picture appeared on covers of gossip rags accompanied by..."Oprah's secret diet weapon" or "Oprah loses 100 pounds...AND keeps it off."

Come on man, tell me you're kidding. As far as her work ethic, yeah I suppose I'll give you that. But as for her "relating to the common American," the reality is that she wouldn't give "the common American" on the street the time of day if they asked.


Actually, if you watched her show you'd know that very often 'common Americans' ask her for help and she gives it. I don't think I would be going out on a limb by saying she's probably done more for her fellow man than most people including me. Sure, she has lots of celebs on hocking their movies and such but most times her shows are devoted to worthwhile topics.


BFG, where the hell are you with that 'this thread is gay' picture?


If you and I had the means, we would likely do just as much.


Oh well. I like coffe and Im not switching. Maybe its the Alpha Male in me talking, but I always found tea to be, well, a pussy drink. Men drink coffee god dammit, and Im not quitting.