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Oppresion Of Afghan Women


Saw a good show about the oppresion of women in post 9/11 Afghanistan. Would you believe that life for women there is so bad that they (women) actually burn themselves because they wanna die?



I didn't read the article, but I wanna comment on your punchline though with two questions of my own:

Are you under the impression that self-immolation doesn't happen elsewhere? And do you not realize that suicide rates in the West exceed those of the Islamic world by far?

P.S: Afghan women are oppressed, nobody's gonna argue otherwise (well, there's the possibility of JTF blaming it on the Jews).


I believe Islam is gaining popularity because technology makes male dominance less and less necessary. If dinner can be bought at the local A&P and a woman can get a decent job, why put up with some asshole who beats you? So guys who want to maintain their wonderful dominanace turn to a religion that trumps up male dominance and abuses women.

This also explains why Islam is most popular in poor countries. The women can't escape there. They have to rely on males.

Finally, this is one reason why Catholicism is dying a slow death in the West. Capitalism and technology defeated it. People who live in air conditioned homes, drive new cars, and have enough to eat, rarely accept dominance from religion.


Islam is gaining as much popularity among men than women. Explain that!


Certainly. Men in traditional societies feel threatened if their wives are not totally dependent on them. Think of how most Muslim men would react if their wives made as much $$$$ as them.

(I'm a high school teacher and my wife is a university prof and a published author. She makes 3 times what I do. I love it. Bring in the cash, baby!!!!!!!!!!!)

So they (the men) heartily embrace a religion which subordinates women, forcing them to wear birhas and whipping them if they show an ankle.

Western men have a more enlightened view of women and hence don't grasp at religions that subordinate women. This is a big reason why all religions are on the wane in the west. You rarely give $$$ to organisations that have a different (and barbaric) philosophy than do you.


Good point HH. In the show that I linked to a man beat his wife because she was a great and popular poet and he didnt like the fact that she was famous and he wasn't.


Isalm treats women like pets, I'm sure Osama Bin Lixy keeps a shock collar on his girlfriend......errrrrr..... boyfriend.


Wait... so Christianity DOESN'T condone patriarchies? Are you fucking kidding me?

The Bible is equally or more so sexist than the Koran.


(PS: Not saying women aren't better off in the west.)


Then what is your point?


LOL!! Or his goat. No rip on your avatar btw but I read somewhere that he had a 'pet' goat. Seriously.


Western men, for the most part, reject the notions of man/woman relationships as espoused in the Bible. That's what we've been saying.

Muslim men grasp at Islam because it somehow makes them feel more manly. As if beating someone smaller and weaker than you is the mark of a 'real man'...

Story time: I once watched my old man go after a guy who was beating a woman in a bar. My dad had lost his left arm in a truck accident, but he didn't give a shit. As my dad went after the perp, the bartender clobbered the perp with a billy club. It was hilarious. (I was 13 years old.)


If I were a woman in Asscrackistan or any muslim country for that matter, I think I probably rather be dead then treated like some second class slave.


I thought this was a thread about the opression of afghan women. Way to interject your agenda though. Good focus.


Really? Women have been treated as second class slaves through most of history.

But then, so too have most men. Until very recently, it sucked pretty hard not to be a member of the ruling class in most places.


Can you prove western women commit suicide more than Islamic women? Sorry dude I havent heard of many women trying to kill themselves by burning to death, I mostly hear about drug over doses and cutting of the wrist.


As a whole, which has better rights for women, the christian westernized nations or the islamic eastern ones? I'm not expert but I never heard of a christian doing a cliterectomy.


In varying degrees, but in many of those places pets are more valuable than women.


Sure I can. Look up stats for suicide rates by countries.

Jumping off the roof of a building, overdosing meds, cutting off wrists, shooting a bullet in the brain are all means to an end. Lighting ones' ass on fire is no different. But you can argue otherwise if you want. As for not hearing about women setting themselves on fire, it's because you didn't pay enough attention.

If you wanna focus on the US, I'll have to admit that I don't know many self-immolated women there, but the famous case of Alice Herz comes to mind nonetheless. If you wanna extend it to the "non-Afghan world", I can literally flood you with cases. But here's the most recent one I stumbled upon.


P.S: I can remember that a couple of years ago, an Israeli set himself on fire because T'sahal pulled out of Gaza.


I'm afraid you're mistaken. A pet is pretty useless in such areas. People can barely afford to feed their kids so you'll have a hard time finding anyone with a pet. Contrast with the value of a women who can cook, clean and deliver babies (they'll in turn have trouble feeding).

Your statement is bollocks.