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Opposite of Honeymoon Period

I started with gel 50mg a day and by day 2 I started feeling awful. I had like 10-14 days that I felt terrible. I felt brain damaged and couldnt think straight. I messed a bunch of stuff up at work and had to have someone step in and take over my responsibilities for a couple weeks till I got straight. Just wondering why I didn’t have that period everyone talks about. Maybe because my body A.D. uated to running on levels like 71. My LH was 0.7 before trt

Because gels suck and your not getting enough T. I had low levels like you and it doesn’t work right away. It takes many weeks for it to work. You need to get off the gel and onto either shots or scrotul cream. Your body absorbs like 5% to 20% of the t. With shots you absorb 100%. Cream 75 to 85%.

Im on injectables now. But the gel was definitly working because I basically walked around with a hard on for like a month straight then it went away when i started injecting. The reaction was 100% because of the test in the gel and not lack of. I’m just wondering why my brain was so messed up for that timeframe where most people claim to feel great. I felt better before starting if you can imagine. I almost stopped because of how awful it was making me feel then around the end of week two I snapped out of it and started feeling normal again

I fully expect to to continue to struggle because your working with an incompetent doctor who is forcing weekly injections and isn’t testing other important biomarkers, once weekly isn’t good for most men and isn’t an ideal way to replace testosterone. It works for a few, but not most men.

You can create thread after thread after thread and it won’t help you because you’re working with a doctor who has no idea how to manage all your hormones. He doesn’t understand the rules of this TRT game.

The lot of us are injecting more frequently than once weekly, you can’t have a honeymoon period is you’re not keeping testosterone elevated long enough for your body to respond.

First of all guy this was just a simle question about why I had a very peculiar reaction that seems to contradict what most people experience. 2nd. What my Dr wants and what I’m doing are not one in the same. I am curentlly doing e3.5d and plan to continie until i see him and have labs drawn and talk over how things are going to go if i continue with him. If it doesnt go well i will move to defy. Doesnt matter how educated my Dr is on the subject i plan to educate myself and do as i see fit. Again just a simple question that currently has no bearing on my current state, just wanted to know if anyone had an educated, scientific explanation and so far i am 0 for 2 but i expected as much from the first two takers. Just waiting for hrdlvn to throw his 2 cents in third.

Yes, im sure someone on here will have a “scientific” explanation as to why YOU didn’t feel well during your first few weeks on TRT.

You didn’t even give us labs. LOL

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Your messing with hormones. No clue but I did not have a honey moon type phase either.

My levels were deathly low. You and I both had erections but felt horrible. We have allot of work to do and eventually it will come togerher.

I think honey moon is when you have T and the synthetic t adds icing to the cake making one feel great. Then the natural t shuts down and your left with the icing. In our case we had shit to begin with.

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Yes get labs. System is not meaning harm he’s just telling it like it is. There are many folks who ask for help and he takes time out to do so. But you need labs and way more info to get
proper guidance

Drop the attitude. People respect others on here.

Secondly get blood work. We cannot attempt
To help without it.


That ain’t happening I’m done with you you are a lost cause.



Its not that I didnt feel well or better in my first few weeks of treatment. Its that I felt normal on a Tuesday. Same as i have felt for years. Started treatment that afternoon. By Thursday I felt like I was mentally disabled. Handicapped. Couldnt think straight. Was fucking math up at work i do everyday. I was disorientated. Burning holes in pipe at work in the wrong spots off prints i had been working off for weeks, that ended up costing manhours and material. Other people could Tell something was wrong and the guys that i was supposed to be keeping busy will work all day were having to step in and do my work. I should have probably taken the week off considering how dangerous my job is and how much money is involved with my work. So Again im not asking why i didnt go from feeling shirty to 100% better the first day of trt. Im asking why the first 10 days of trt I felt 1000% worse. I felt like my brain had the flu. Just wondering if years of being low build up a rediculous amount of extra receptors and then when filled with T my brain just shortcircuited. Not sure how anyone could mistake any of this for me asking why its wasnt a magic pill that fixed me instantly.

Some people respect people here. Others have an ego that is so far in the clouds that they talk down to everyone and just read what they want to read so they can be condescending. But whatever I’m just about done with this place because of the nonsense.

You keep throwing around this word “simple” . There is no “simple” answer when it comes to hormones. It could be a million things , neurotransmitters, thyroid, illness.

You are asking, “why did I feel like shit for the first 14 days of TRT” and the answer is, NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. If you had given us some labs, and maybe a COMPLETE list of symptoms, maybe we could have figured something out.

You get what you put into this board. Nobody owes you anything.

Good luck.

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Besides. What does it matter now?

Are you still fucked up? If not, fucking continue mission.

Ive been here since '04 and have never experienced what you are talking about. You have been here for 29 days and are done with the nonsense? We try to give guys a pass or two since a lot of dudes on here are suffering but you have to be willing to take advice and not fly off the handle.



All i was asking is if there was a simple anwser that I was missing. Sometimes there are simple anwsers.

Say you took viagra and you dick litterally turned inside out and tunneled inside of you. Clearly that is a very different reaction than most people and not subtle in the least. Wouldnt you question that like even if you wernt genuinely curious about it just to kind of throw it out there incase someone knows that its like a telltale side effect of precursor to something else?

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I understand your reasoning. This is what I am saying:

  1. There is no way to tell. Period.
  2. Even if we COULD explain it, the answer wont be “simple”
  3. Is it really worth it to piss off all of these knowledgeable people, for a question that isn’t even relevant anymore?

If you don’t like those answers, you don’t know what your looking for!

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