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Opposite Lift for Accessory Work?

I do see it discussed a lot but I can’t think of a definitive answer that I’ve read.

Doing 531 hardgainers. I personally like benching and squatting twice a week, could you do the reverse lift for accessory work after doing the main lift on the day (Bench followed by OHP).

What % would be good for this? Guessing around 65% deads, ohp and bench upto 90% and squat around 80-85%?

If you are doing a specific 5/3/1 program (5/3/1 for hardgainers) made by Jim Wendler, you should probably do it as written, since its set up the way it is for a reason. When you have finished 5/3/1 for hardgainers, you then can do what you are asking (doing opposit lift after with fsl, bbb or bbs).

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Okay perfect, the idea is to say do hardgainers for 1-3 cycles then switch to fsl, bbb or something?

I just re-read the article and it did not say for have long you are supposed to do the program, so I am not shure for how long you are supposed to do it. Perhaps someone else in here know. But yes, when you have completed the program you now are on, you can switch to a template where you do press after bench, deads after squats etc. I think FSL x 5 sets of 5 reps, is the most commonly recommended assistance protocal if you use the main lifts as assistance.

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I would keep doing it as written. Do it until you stop making progress. The same principles that apply to OG 531 apply to this. If your not hitting your numbers, reset and start over. Looks like FSL is already worked into the base of the program. With that said, I have not run the hardgainers program. I’ve yet to stray from the basic program, because it still works.

Yep gonna stop being an idiot and follow it as written. I was a bit like what only two accessory lifts, until you get in there and actually do 50-100 reps you realise it’s plenty! Considering it’s on every day too.

Going to run this for a few cycles and then pick something else and keep rotating every few cycles. :slight_smile:

One concern is I always feel like I have to warm up more even with any 531, I find myself sometimes doing the first working set of the day twice, sometimes the third and last final set of the day, the big set. I sometimes feel doing a single rep before going for the PR reps really helps me get into it and almost get my CNS ready for said weight.